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My name is Deborah Wiggins-Hay, and creating the Crystal Moon Essences was part of my own self-healing journey, which led me towards my own recovery after twenty years of being hypothyroid.

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These essences were a Sacred Gift, and through the process of creating them and learning to use them, I was guided by a higher power and learnt to trust my own intuition and accept the Wisdom and guidance I was receiving as a channel for these beautiful essences.


As I learnt how to make these essences directly from Spiritual guidance, I learnt the most powerful ways of working with them in order to shift my vibrational energy in relation to specific emotional or past issues.


As I learnt how powerful and yet beautfully gentle these essences were, I realised that it was important for me to learn how to use them with people in a way which would empower each person individually. So began my personal trainings and transformations in the World of Energy Healing. Not particularly 'Spiritual healing', but working with our own unique and individual energy body, to uncover, shift, clear and re-align our MindBodySpirit in order to bring the highest love energy into our individual energy field, and manifest the optimum healing vibrational levels of energy.



Crystal Moon Essences are used to entrain mind, body, spirit and bring these aspects of ourself into harmonic alignment, vibrating as one unified, unconflicted field. The aim for our highest viratory health is the aim of what I like to call "Unified Energistics".


Energy is the aspect of life force that is measurable - from enzyme activity to cellular regeneration, we understand that energy is evident within the microscopic interactions of the finest particles of matter, and that their complex interactions manifest into the beauty of the human and all other life forms.


My work combines the use of the Crystals and Crystal Singing Bowls (plus many other Energy Modalities including Reflexology, Colour & Other Sound Healing Practices), to rebalance the energy field and unify the flow of information between mind, body and spirit. I think of this approach as one of "Unified Energistics".


Unified Energistics is supported through a layered approach to energy-psychology. Working with EFT, MR and Meta Perspectives of Health in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of personal beliefs and repeated patterns and their relevance to your experience of stress and illness in your life. 


So whether you are experiencing an imbalance of:

The mind: such as repeated worries or unhappy thoughts that are causing anxiety;

The emotions: such as depression, anger, frustration or grief;

The body: including individual physical symptoms, chronic or acute illness and disease; 


Let me help you to engage the whole of your energy body as a system operating in harmony.


I can help you to access the root cause of your current symptoms.

Help you to understand why your body is doing what it is doing.


When you understand what is going on, and why it may be happening, then you have initiated the first step to taking back your power.


Using the Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound is another aspect of the healing work I do.

Creating Crystalline Soul Incantations to assist deep energetic transformation.

The video below links to my YouTube channel and videos of these 'Soul Incantations'.



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Amethyst - is

the essence for transformation and New Beginnings

Room & Body Sprays 

Combine potent combinations of Crystal Moon Essences and Essential Oils.

Natural ingredients can be used to improve your home or work environment, and may also be worn on the skin. 

A guide to choosing your essence

Find out what Crystal Moon Essence might best serve you...

Every Crystal Moon Essence is created by hand, with reverence and respect to the harmonic energies not only within the essences themselves, but the environment in which they are created, bottled and stored.

They are blessed with a dedicatory prayer as they are created, and before they leave here.

It is suggested that you dedicate your essences when you receive them for your personal use and to focus your co-creative energies upon your desires or needs. A dedicatory prayer is found under the Home page button (drop down from the menu above), which is given when the Essences are bottled.

If it is appropriate for your personal use, please feel free to adapt it and to use it during your own healing work or personal / spiritual progression.






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