The Thyroid Detective© -

Becoming Hypothyroid Free


The Thyroid Detective ©  uses an awareness of the Mind-Body to help you find the unique 'stressor': the specific stressful event,  or the mind-set, or beliefs that may be making your thyroid either over active or under active.


When you understand the themes connected with the Thyroid,  you can use many different energy psychology techniques, including EFT, EMO, Matrix Reimprinting, HeartMath, MR, Colour Mirrors CPT and many other energy-based or psychological-based therapies to change behaviours and beliefs that are perpetuating the thyroid 'programs'. 


When combining the knowledge and understanding that you will derive from The Thyroid Detective © program, you can direct your questioning and your attention on a conscious level to where the unique individual 'stress' is pointing. 


When we understand our unique individual stress, we can do two things:


  • We can work to release the traumatic energy that has been embodied within us and that we continue to carry as a biological 'program (i.e a biological response pattern that was meant to help us, but has got 'stuck' annd now is causing us problems)

  • We can become conscious of the themes of our beliefs which may reoccur daily, and could take us back into sterss! Therefore we become 'awake' to the things which we are pre-disposed to unconsciously react to. When we know this - we can chose to try to change the pattern! We are enlightened to our disease patterns. 


If you have a thyroid problem, you may be interested in visiting my HYPOTHYROIDFREE site. This is where I post regular blogs on all things thyroid related.


If you would like to explore the possible connections between your thyroid dysfunction, and ongoing mind-body stresses, and if you would appreciate one to one support in finding the specific event(s) that may be affecting your own thyroid function, I would love to help you!


Please do contact me to arrange a free 15-20 minute session to discuss how I might help you further.






Below are some Video Demonstrations:
  • The Thyroid Detective - Becoming Hypothyroid Free  - Why Work with me?
  • The Thyroid Detective - Becoming Hypothyroid Free - Intro to the 8 Milestones of Meta Health.


The Thyroid Detective - Becoming Hypothyroid Free

Why Work with Me?


If you are looking for alternative ways to work with your health, that combine energy tools and techniques, but in a very focused way, that addresses your specific thyroid 'stressors',


The Thyroid Detective may be what you are looking for!


The Thyroid Detective - Becoming Hypothyroid Free

Intro to the 8 Milestones of Meta Health.


For access, please subscribe to the email list above and request access to the Hypothyroid Free Intro Video (via 'contact me' if necessary).


This video gives an insight into the themes and further training program that will help you find and address the specific (energy-psychology) mind-body 'stress' that is affecting your thyroid.



“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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