The Mind-Body Detective


I would love to support you in your personal health journey and to help you explore some incredible ways that mind and body are deeply connected in very intelligent ways.


Through Meta Health, we look at the themes and mind-body connections that are associated with different diseases and dysfunctions. 


In these MBD Blogs, we will discus these themes generally and so it is important that you remember that this in no way replaces the benefits of a personal and unique one-to-one meta health analysis, which can look at the specific events for you that may be connected to specific biological adaptations that may get ‘stuck’ and stop our body from rebalancing and maintaining optimum health.


This group and the information here does not claim to heal or replace medical advice or attention. In fact, a medical diagnosis is essential for a true meta health analysis.


Health practitioners and individuals interested in supporting their personal health journey are welcome to join my facebook group:



In this group we will:

  • Explore the processes of disease and how that relates to the meta health model.

  • Look at questions or specific health issues you would like to propose for the mind-body detective, please let me know.


If you would like an analysis for yourself or a client, message me with details, as members of this group may receive additional benefits for themselves and their clients through this group.

Please share this group with any other people you believe may benefit from it 🙂


I look forwards to being a part of your journey.


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The Mind-Body Detective




Our body makes many millions of decisions about what it should do on a cellular level, every nano-second of every living moment.

Why do we get ill?

Is being unwell a natural hazard of being alive?

Is sickness a natural event that we should all expect?

Is tiredness par for the course?

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired? Part 1

Follow your Soul - get connected to your purpose and let your feet take you on a new Journey!

Lost Soles

Scoliosis is from the ancient Greek, ‘Skoliosis’, which means “a bending”.

It is the medical diagnosis given to the curvature of the spine, usually into an “S” or a “C” shaped curvature.

Understanding Scoliosis - Part 1: A Mind Body Detective Approach
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