Called to work with these Higher Energy Beings?

Crystals, Colour & Sound

Are the

New vibrational Healing Tools of the Aquarian Age


The products I sell are amazing to work with and assist powerful personal and spiritual change.

They are good to work with in your own way, but also can be used as part of an overall program of change or healing.

Please contact me if you would like help in chosing your personal healing or would like a one-to-one coaching, healing or training session.

Crystal Moon Essences

These essences are crystal waters that hold the energetic vibration, not only of crystals, but also of sound, colour and of timely astrological energies.


They are powerful vibrational remedies, that work across all aspects of the energy body at once.


They can be used alone, or as part of a process of healing and rebalancing of the subtle energy body. Assisting the release, repatterning and integration of healing energy into the whole mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Moon Aura Sprays

These auric sprays contain a mixture of crystal essences and essential oils.


They have been born into separate 'groups'.


The first of which was a series of clearing and energy sprays. They connect into the chakras and are wonderful to use in the home or work environments.


The second group was directly influenced through working with Metatron. They are more profoundly connected with clearing our past karmic seeds and old energy patterns. Particualry when working with Metatron's violet flame of transformation & release.

Colour Mirrors Bottles

The Colour Mirrors Oils are created by Melissie Jollie where she lives and works in South Africa. Melissie has a long history of working with colour bottles, and she once worked with Vicky Wall (creator of Aura Soma).


These 'new energy' oils shine with the light and colour which might seem to be pouring through the lens of an African Sun.


Yet these oils are not about separation and individualism, but sing to us of our collective path and the higher purpose of our Soul Journeys.


Each bottle has a meaning - check out which bottles you are attracted to - and what each bottle means...

Colour Mirrors Essences

The Colour Mirrors Essences are colour sprays. They are filled with the colour vibration and energy of transformation and change.


They powerfully assist any type of emotional or energy work, and can be used with individuals, or to change the energy within a therapy room.


They are beautiful to use with EFT and Matrix work. 

Singing Bowls

Here at Crystal Moon Essences, we are happy to now be holding imported stock of The Crystal Tones Singing Bowls.


These are the most sublime and powerful crystal bodies. Made within the alchemical furnaces, and born of Crystal Tones (made in the USA), the powerful transformational power of earth, air, fire and water combine with the primary energetic properties of crystals, metals & other precious gems, to create bowls that emit pure crystalline 'tones'. These are the most powerful healing tones - and each bowl has a powerful healing energy & purpose and is part of the creation of and embodiment of the new Crystalline Energies that are now manifesting upon the Earth.

Personalised Soul Incantation

The Soul Incantations are a dedicated Sound Healing that can focus healing energy onto a particular issue or area of your life.


They may be used within 1-to-1 counselling or coaching sessions, but are also powerful as a one off approach to setting focused time and intention upon your own healing journey.


Not unlike the sound healing work of the Shaman, these 'sound meditations' use sound vibration and light language to impart a new vibrational energy to an existing issue and help to shift blocks and old patterns that keeping us stuck.


These are also a beautiful and personalised gift to give to others, particularly for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and naming or christening ceremonies.

Sound Bytes

The Sound Bytes are a subscritpion for working with sound and the crystal bowls through weekly recordings of sound files.


These are accessed directly through the TEMTTA site, and are also sent to you through a weekly link via your email.


Each week focuses on certain astrological energies that are prevelant, and uses these energies to focus our attention to our personal & spiritual change work, which we do through our practice with these 'sound meditations'.


Subscribers will also receive privilaged access to other sign up for or attend other 'sound healing' events and receive relevant and topical interviews on sound healing work.

Crystal Moon Singing Bowls Albums & Videos
MP3 & MP4 Downloads

A variety of music albums, individual music tracks and videos - provided as MP3 and MP4 downloads

  • Meditation & Visualisation Tools

  • Create Sacred Spaces for Personal Healing

  • Create Healing Vibrational sounds in your clinic or Client space

  • Create Peace & Calm - space clearing

  • Overcome personal or spiritual development blocks


Coming Soon

Meta Health College

Meta Health provides a completely unique and integrated awareness and outlook on life and our health.


It is a life changing, paradigm shifting teaching that empowers and enables personal self-awareness of our health - and the issues, stresses and unique UDINS that have created our current thoughts and feelings about our life and our health become the key points of focus in our own healing journey.


Meta Health is the torchlight that helps to shin a comprehensive awareness on the Mind-Body-Social aspects of our health and wellbeing.


Meta Health gives us a knowledge of how evolution, biology, emotion, psychology & spirituality are all inherent in our own intelligent body systems.


Meta Health helps us to understand the themes, thoughts & beliefs that are moulding our perception of life, ourself and our environment. It helps us to understand how these thoughts and feelings are affecting our overall health & wellbeing.


Meta Health is a set of tools and techniques that will help to set apart counsellors and therapists. Providing deep insights into what makes a person experience disease within their body, and how to adress the issues that may be keeping a person in a state of chronic ill health.


Meta Health training provides ample opportunities for a practitioner or therapist to examin their own health and historical disease and to understand that in the context of mind-body-social-emotional context.


It also provides the materials and structures that will help a practitioner to explore the root causes of their clients ill health.


Deborah Wiggins-Hay holds the following






Deborah is a Meta Health Specialist in Thyroid Dysfunction & Works with autoimmune and endocrine disorders, as well as muscular and bone conditions, cancer. Also with behavioural problems and emotional imbalance.


I work with Individuals to help them to address the issues that they face through their individual stress.


I help them to develop emotional and behavioural strategies to better cope with the difficulties in their lives.


I can help them to understand what particular stress, event or pattern of thinking is at the root of their disease, and assist them in changing those patterns to improve their health.


I work with individuals and groups to teach them techniques and how to use energy tools to change the patterns that are unconsciously held in their body - and which may be making them unwell on many levels.


I provide holistic healing sessions from my entrainment centre in Herefordshire.


I am always extending my knowledge and I am currently training as a Natropathic Nutritionist, in order to further support healthy change through nutritional and dietry means, as well as emotional and energy-psychology techniques.

The Energy Psychology Techniques I am currently trained in include:


Master Practitioner & Trainer in meta Health (see below)

Master Practitioner & Trainer in EFT ( also known as Emotional Freedom Technique)

Master Practitioner & Trainer in EMO

Teacher & Practitioner in Colour Mirrors

Certified HeartMath Coach

Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

Birth Re-imprinting Practitioner

ACE Pratitioner


Therapies I am Trained in:


Colour Reflexology

Color Puncture


Crystal Therapy


I am also the creator of Crystal Moon Essences

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