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Open the .pdf file below to view the Light Byte that accompanies the VIDEO above

The Sound Bytes are created in alignment with the Astrological energies that are relevant and are shaping our lives daily.


They are created with the intention of supporting individual transformation and growth through sound meditations that are intended to be part of a daily energy practice to bring us into alignment and to overcome any energy blockages that we may be experiencing as we move through the changing celestial energy patterns.


You may notice that at times, the astrology of a day, week or a month can feel heavy and difficult to manouever, whilst at other times it is light and easy. 


They include a combination of Crystal Bowl 'tones' and light language. Occasionally there may be other natural sounds that become a part of the recording.


Sound Bytes are a subscription service only - but I do occassionally make one public through the mailing list.





The Light Bytes are also available to sign up to - and these are an invaluable support to the Sound Bytes. They are completely FREE when you sign up to the mailing list.


They focus on the particular energies that have presented themselves through the Sound Incantation - and draw our focus to a particular aspect of the energy that we are working with.


If you chose to sign up to and to receive the Sound Bytes as a part of your personal Spiritual Practice and Personal Development, there are a series of videos and support documents that will help you to get the most from using your Sound Bytes & Light Bytes.

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