Heart (4)

This is the most important essence for any issue of the Heart.

Rose Quartz

H​eart of Love - Heart of Joy



Applicable for Love in all it's forms.

It's energy is gentle, Kind, Assuring, Peaceful.

This essence personifies Beauty in all things.

Radiating to our childhood Heart for the Mother, Rose Quartz generates complete Trust & Openness to Love, without Fear or Pain.

Spiritual Attributes:

Cleanses the Heart Chakra of past hurts & blockages. Ensures free flow of Divine Love to filter throughout the body. Awakens us to our Soul Purpose by infusing the Love of that thing, or purpose. Awakens lost dreams. Attunes us to our Life Purpose, gently cleansing blockages of hurt, self-hate, loathing, despair & pain that would otherwise turn us away from our path, or stop our progress.

Provides us with access to that Divine Love Energy that opens our communion with our Higher Power - therefore helps in issues of Faith, or loss of Faith.

Physical Attributes:

Helps in all conditions of the Heart & the Circulatory system. Helps the bodies detoxification organs, kidneys, adrenals & the spleen.

This essence supports the eyes & ears - encouraging clarity of vision & Hearing.

Helpful for Chest & Lung problems, breathing & posture. Also can ease joint problems & facilitate easier movement.

Helpful for Fertility problems, especially when combined with Moonstone.

Can ease vertigo, and reduces blood-borne parasites.

Used in face & body creams for it's detoxifying & soothing properties. It will smooth the complexion imparting a 'rosy' glow.

Psychological Attributes:

This essence will remind us of what is truly important in our lives, whether that be our work on the planet, or our relationships with people, in communities or with individuals, & even with ourselves. After all, we must all learn to love ourselves before we are able to love others.

When we connect with the energy of divine love, the physical, mental & emotional connections we make serve the love of the Divine; in turn, that divine love directs us towards that which is good for us and serves our higher purpose.

This essence helps release unexpressed emotion & heartache. It transmutes outdated emotional conditioning within the unconscious mind. Bring awareness into the process.

A calming essence, emotionally & psychologically, for those suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease & senile dementia.

Calming for Children in any negative emotional state & for those in 'mid-life crisis'.

Excellent soothing & emotional clearing, especially good in cases of Trauma, when it may again be combined with moonstone.


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