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A 22 Mastery Day is the perfect time to Call for World Peace

Today is a Mastery Day - as in numerology, today’s date reduces to 22 “The Master Builder”…

The bottle above is Divine DNA 2 -

(from the 12 Strand Series - please see previous blog) which has been used to create a New Crystal Moon Essence (on 11:11 of the New Moon) - a written reponse to this essence will be posted shortly...

A 22 Mastery Day:

It’s positive characteristics are that it is able to turn ‘lofty dreams into realities’. Whilst it’s negative aspect can influence a sense of self-imposed pressure, creating realities that are not aligned with our highest ideals…

In numerology, all double digit numbers hold a higher energy and are considered ‘master numbers’. They hold an energy that provide us with an opportunity to achieve mastery on various levels.

2 is the number of duality - of separation.

22 doubles the intensity of this energy, but provides the opportunity for us to fragment in to further division, or to overcome and master the illusion of duality as we perceive it to be.

22 is a master arbitrator, counselor and healer. So if we can overcome any imposed sense of duality and fragmentation in our lives that we are experiencing and continue to function within the realms of our highest level of being, this master vibration can lead us towards inspiring unity, a sense of oneness and cohesion that is empowering, both individually and collectively, and leads us to unite with one heart in love and compassion.

A 22 day is a day to connect through your heart to the hearts of others. To communicate first and foremost through the energy of the heart, which testifies to us that we are all united and from the one Spirit; rather than the head, which looks for and sees division, as it acts in the mode of ego-bound self-preservation whose job it is to look for and find potential threats to survival…

How significant that today of all days our Parliament is holding a 10 hour debate which will culminate in the vote on whether the UK should begin to bomb Syria. This is the energy of 22 seen in full being played out in our political arena. The results of which could have far reaching consequences…

Today I invite you to spend a few moments of your day (* please see invitation at bottom of page) contemplating the nature of unconditional love and our individual ability to extend that love and overcome the fears that appear to divide and separate us from each other.

I invite you to do this as not only does this singular act connect you to the deepest aspect of who we are as divine living beings within the most compassionate part of what it means to be ‘human’; but it also provides us with a level of self-determination that overcomes our collective sense of disempowerment, that the threats of War and further acts of violence being discussed today by our politicians allude to address.

Fear is a natural state when we concentrate our perception upon difference and division. Fear is born of disconnection, isolation and the ensuing threats that we then perceive to our survival - either as individuals or a family group (whether you see your group as a nation, a religion or your culture or race).

Fear and Love cannot exist within the same energetic space - for one is the energy of connection and unity, whilst the other is the energy of separation and division.

In many ways as we watch the current situations that have unfolded over the last several weeks and months, they appear to highlight these divisions amongst us. In such division it is natural for us to become fear-filled, to identify ourselves with the victims of the war and hate crimes that we see before us. Because, for the most part, we are compassionate beings and because no matter what the ideological reasons, we collectively agree that taking life - the sacred gift that we are all endowed with - is an act of war against all of humanity - against the highest divine order of conscious life. The giving and taking of life should fall purely within the realms of the sacred - handed over into the hands of God, of a higher power or a natural order. In a loving and consciously evolved society, the giving and taking of life is deemed sacrosanct. When we are faced with what appears to be a senseless and hideous affront to this collective agreement, we can feel many emotions: anger, frustration, futility, fear, aggression…but we can also feel that we are powerless when we observe the behaviours and dramas that are unfolding before us in relation to the current pain and suffering, the misguided hate and separation that is being ignited and enacted at this time upon the Earth.

But hate begets hate, just as love begets love - and of this point we absolutely do have an option, or a choice to make individually.

It is precisely at these times that it is essential for us to remember to stay in a heart-based energy - to reconnect ourself to the ENERGY OF LOVE!

Yes - Love is an energy!

Not just an emotion.

It is recognisable as a ‘feeling’ yes!

It is associated with biological and chemical alterations within the body that make us feel happier and more connected to each other; and this is precisely the energy and the power that we require when we are in danger of disconnecting ourselves from the values we cherish and the highest values that we collectively honour when we remain in the higher vibration of love, kindness and compassion.

Love is more powerful than fear.

Love is where all separation ends, and where we begin to recognise the connections and the combined heritage that we share. It is only in this energy of unity and connection that we can truly battle against the demons that continue to fuel the ongoing actions of pain and retribution that we currently face.

Although there is some questioning around the authenticity of the story I share below, it illustrates the difference between what I see as an inclusive justice or an exclusive justice system. My idea of inclusive justice is illustrated by the story (real or not) of a small African tribe, where there is a custom for all of the members of the village, of everyone within the community to surround any perpetrator of perceived crime and to ‘love’ them back into the group. In this particular story, they do so by singing to the offender their 'birth song' which is a reminder of the true nature of who and what they really are...

Regardless of whether this is true or fictional, it is certainly acknowledged that indigenous cultures recognise this need to bring ‘offenders’ of the tribe back into their hearts and in this respect their ‘criminal justice’ system does not operate as separate to the family, culture, community or spiritual values of the tribe - every member of the community, the families and people directly affected by and interacting with the individual are involved in the role of bringing the ‘offender’ back into the heart of the community…(see some interesting information and a fab 'table of comparisons' at this link here: http://www.aidainc.net/Publications/ij_systems.htm)

As individuals, in the West, we have in many ways been separated from our personal ability - both our accountability & responsibility - to be a part of any solution in regard to our social problems or those who we perceive have committed offences within our society. The ‘rehabilitation’ of offenders becomes the responsibility of the state, of a legal system that we are generally oblivious to, not knowing how it really works or what is being carried out on our behalf (unless we work within the system, or become a victim or an offender).

Of course this is meant to help us, but it also disconnects us from the process and the people involved.

For the most part, individually we are not able to act with personal responsibility - as our ‘ability to respond’ to such situations or events has been taken from us, delegated to an independent higher legal or political power that has been nominated to speak for us - these independent powers are separate to any personal, emotional or spiritual values, as that ‘separation’ is perceived in our Western society as being more beneficial and less ‘influenced’ by external factors.

This is what I mean by ‘exclusive judgement’ - yes it is based on being impartial, but with that impartial nature comes a disconnection from any warmth or inner value judgments that can be embraced within the inclusive judgment that is evidenced within some indigenous justice systems within tribal societies.

Our ability to account for our responses are diminished precisely because we are unable to assess, measure or weigh our options fully or make a personal choice on how to respond due to our separation from the process of judgment.

Without this ability to administer inclusive judgment, there is no measurement of either responsibility or accountability.

So we perceive ourselves as being powerless and only able to participate as ‘observers’ to events that appear to unfold before us. It is no surprise then to see fear, anger and frustration manifesting within our hearts and then upon our streets.

A Call to World Peace

Today I invite you to stop observing and to participate on the level of heart.

For we do not need to remain powerless in this respect.

Although the systems we currently find ourselves within may create an illusion of separation, we can choose to adopt that higher vision - to 'love our enemies' and to choose to connect to each other in love through the act of simply becoming still for a moment - to practice consciously connecting to and intending to express UNITY from the heart.

Please find time to sit for a few minutes and to connect into your heart.

Once you feel that you are in a place of ‘coherence’ please listen to and engage with the Soul Incantation:

With the intention to send love and healing out upon the Earth.

(Please note that you can sit and hold this intention without engaging with the Soul Incantation. The Incantation is a Sound healing that will assist and hold this energy as you concentrate on holding coherence and breathing).

All that you need do is sit and breath into your heart space, whilst holding the highest intention of love for your fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandparents and children throughout the World:

* I invite you to join a small group who together at 16:00 GMT today (02/12/2015) will be collectively joining in heartmath and engaging in the healing sounds of the Soul Incantation for 'World Peace' that will be played live - (please email me at crystalmoonessences@gmail.com before 15:30 GMT in order to receive an invitation to join our collective call).

The Incantation will also be freely available later tonight for personal re-use and to assist your connection into that intention - especially potent to work with today, but also ongoing:

"A Soul Incantation with the intention to end War, to invite World Peace and extend Love between brother & brother, sister & sister. In the Knowledge that we are all one, we are ALL LOVE!"

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