Ideal for a wedding Gift, House Warming Gift or a Baby Shower


Personalised Soul Incantations
A Special Gift
For Spiritual or Personal Development

These are powerful tools for personal and spiritual transformation. (The above video was shared for 'World Peace', and is placed here as an example of the end product).


They are also unique and personalised gifts for a special occassion.


You can add your own words, blessings. You can add your own voice (sending me an MP3 recording) or photographs or video you would like to include.


If you are using these for personal or spiritual development, I strongly recomend the additional coaching sessions be purchased as part of the initial purchase to get the best savings on those packages.

Why Buy a Personal Soul Incantation?

Personal Soul Incantations


Are sound, Crystal Bowl and Colour Healing Videos that are created for a specific purpose. They might be considered an 'energetic mapping' to assist personal development in a number of areas. They can be used to assist energetic healing in a number of areas, including:


Person to Person (or Pet/animal) - A friend, family member, Ancestor, lover or partner.

Person to Place - a home, building, Country etc.

Person to time - a timeline, for this or past or future life work.


Once Created, they are individual and personalised to the person or event they were created for.


Available as MP3 & MP4 downloads.

They can also be packaged in a blank CD case, allowing you to create your own CD Art to include with your gift.

Wedding Gifts:

Personal Soul Incantations are a beautiful gift to give as a Wedding gift. You can send photographs of the couple and any other images of importance that can be included into the finished video. 


Baby Showers:

They are also a beautiful gift for a New baby, making a perfect 'joint' gift from loved ones and friends as part of a 'Baby Shower'.


House Warming:

They are also wonderful as a house warming gift. Whereby you can offer a gift that might include images of all of the family, which also holds a Blessing for the new home and family.


Personal Soul Incantations are a unique and personal way to not only 'mark' an intimate and personal event, but to also intentionally assist a powerful and positive energetic vibration within which that event can sit.

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