All Chakras - as White Light

Especially the Crown (7), Third Eye (6), Sacral (2)

Joy, Emotional Balance, Acceptance, Cyclic Harmony, Love, Passion, Creativity, Intuition, Reflective qualities, Healer


The Eternal Mother, Facilitator, Peace-bringer, Inner Courage & Strength.

Predominantly, Moonstone has a soft Feminine quality. It balances YIN & YANG, the masculine & Feminine principles within us, but is most strongly associated with the Feminine. 

I believe that the reason this balancing energy has been spoken of, is because at this time, the feminine principle is seriously under-expressed, as our society & cultures are mainly manifested around very strong Male principles. The redress & rebalance of these energies is strongly under the domain of this Crystal Essence.

Spiritual Attributes:

Moonstone heals our emotional pains by softening our energetic remembrance, leading to peaceful resolutions. 

It's reflective qualities enable our understanding of the purpose our our heartaches, which are often shrouded in mystery & darkness to us. (Think of the Moon as a reflective orb, held within a cloak of darkness - this is a visual manifestation of the Spiritual power of the Moonstone).

There is a 'tear' held within Moonstone, that never dries. It holds the memory of our heartaches as a record-keeper, harnessing all we have seen & experienced & creating a softness through space & time that allows us to reflect on them from a place of peaceful resolution. 

Its harmonic qualities are Angelic & perform the required catharsis from the aspect of the Eternal.

Moonstone reconciles Love & Passion in Unity through the act of creation.

Therefore is is a fabulous essence for inspiring Creativity in artists, dancers & musicians & self-expression in any creative field.

Physical Attributes:

Attunes all the biological systems & rhythms of the body. It also stabilises fluid retention & imbalances.

Relieves degenerative conditions of hair, skin, eyes & the fleshy organs, such as kidneys & liver & pancreas.I

It also helps with the elimination of toxins and the assimilation of Nutrients.

It helps the digestive & reproduction system, enhances fertility & eases pregnancy & birth.

Moonstone is excellent for any issues around reproduction: menstrual disorders, PMS, puberty & menopausal changes.

With its close association with cycles & rhythmns & the night, it is also useful to relieve insomnia & can help problems of sleep walking.

Psychological Attributes:

Moonstone quitens the mind.

Balances mind & emotion.

Enhances Intuition & clairvoyance.

Stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging non-linear thinking & creativity.

Balances Pituitary & endocrine function, bringing emotional balance.

Its connection to the endocrine system may also be helpful with conditions that are associated with this, such as Diabetes, Thyroid & parathyroid  disorders, adrenal disorders & helps to prevent osteoporosis caused by such imbalanced functions.

Soothing in Life changing cycles & situations, including puberty, mid-life crisis' & menopausal changes - all of which are often emotionally, as well as hormonally challenging. It helps us to release the old and embrace the new.

Moonstone is a Peace-bringer, creating Joy & harmony.

It encourages peaceful sleep & drives away bad dreams.

Facilitates dreaming from angelic realms.

Used regularly, Moonstone builds a gentle inner courage & strength within the emotional & etheric body. It teaches the long quiet road to fulfilling our dreams & desires. (Think Mother Terressa, Ghandi & the Madonna).

It works extremely well with Rose Quartz, when used to calm emotion after trauma and during long-term Counselling on deeply emotional issues.

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