For more information on the Healing modalities that I use


A personal health care plan and assessment may incorporate one or more of these modalities.


You may also request a particular therapy that you would prefer to work within.


As a Meta Health Practitioner, I will assist you in making an analysis of the route cause of your current dis-ease. 

Meta Health looks at the brain layers and the tissues that are presenting a 'bio-logical' response, appropriate to the belief or trauma that has not found a resolution within the individuals mind / body / spirit system.

We will explore the timeline and the two phases of specific bio-logical programs to discover if you are in stress phase, or resolution phase, and what the triggers are to your disease.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a Third Field Practice.

It is a purely energetic approach to health and healing.

The energist works within the triad of knowledge that brings the awareness of energy as an essential part of our existence - alongside the physical and the mental bodies. The Emotional body is a window to that "energy in motion" (E-Motion) within us. We are aware of the impact of energy within our body and our environment - it provides us with intuitive states of awareness, cognitive 'knowing' moments that occur separate to rational thinking. This is the field of information that is accessed and stored within our unconscious mind, but also within the dynamic field that exists within and around us. Our body is built to recognise the data held within this field through the walls of the cells of our body. 

A Personal Soul Incantation

The above is a Soul Mate Incantation.

It was created as a loving gift to provide strength in a period of separation between two people.

Ebola World Healing Prayer

The above is a call to action

an invitation to those who would like to join a collective energy in the form of a Sound, crystal and colour healing prayer. 

I encourage each individual to raise their voice, in the process of and during the toning/healing.


This is a simple but profound healing experience that allows us to work with any energetic disturbance or imbalance within the complete mind / body / spirit system. 

Utilising the body's state of coherence that is attained through HeartMath and a protocol that aims to uncover the belief, or beliefs, that are underpinning the disruptions within the system. This technique allows a new belief to be integrated into the client system within the parameters of being fully present within the Now

1-to-1 COACH

HeartMath is rapidly becoming a tool of choice for those who are working in the field of resiliance and health.

It combines the most up to date science of the Heart and the Heart field, with profoundly simple techniques that will enable you to bring your bodysystems into coherence. 

Once coherence is attained we are able to move ourselves around the emotional landscape of our life in a way that can help us to manage and reduce stress, change our patterns and our beliefs, and access the highest levels of our awareness, move outside of the parasympathetic nervous system (stess response) and into the rewarding and joyful experience of conscious self awareness.

Personal Soul Incantation

These are Vocal Incantations using a non-cognitive language - which is called by some "light language". Many people believe that this is a language from the Stars, but what is agreed by all is that it is a direct energetic transfer of non-cognitive information that speaks directly to the Soul.

Many people experience powerful emotional and energetic changes when they listen to this language. Some feel that it takes them 'home' and connectes them to something that they have felt they had 'lost'.

For me, this language has a strong Earth Root.

I feel that the energy is not just 'out there', but directly connects into and plugs into the core of the earth and her energy.

For me, the Earth is at the Center point, or the Heart of the language.  She holds our secrets, our Ancient knowings and languages. She is living and breathing a connection, not only between every being, form and energy on the Planet, but of every moment of time that ever was or will be. She is a conscious filled form that is part of us, and we are part of her. She is calling out to us now, and the connection between her, and the greater Universe is strengthened more than any time in our history.


The use of Crystal Singing Bowls is essential to the healing - they not only contain the healing energy of the Crystaline beings that have formed them, but also the Sound energy of the tone they contain. 


A combination of Colour images are created by myself to impart the healing colour required for your given healing. You may like to provide images of people, places, pets or drawings/paintings of your own that hold specific memories, or energies that you would like to work with. Please be aware of and aquire copyright and any other permissions required to use these images before you provide them to me.

Over the process of the healing these will be integrated into and combined with colour healing, which may also use Colour Mirror bottles as part of the process.


Your Personal Soul Incantation will be shared with you via dropbox or youtube.  We will then schedule a 20 minute one-to-one to listen to your Soul Incantation where I will assist your process and provide hints and tips for further work.


Your video is made with special reverence and is a healing tool for you. It will inform a new energetic pathway - rather like a map, that will assist you in your transformation process, moving you towards your personal healing event and the integration and ascension process of your personal journey.

As a powerful tool of personal transformation and healing, you should approach your integration of this healing with a certain reverence and attitude that is set with intent.


Gratitude and openness to personal enlightenment and change are the first steps to prepare oneself for working in these energies. 

Prayer is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves - as it is a process of gratitude and humble opening to a greater Spirit and Divine or Universal Energy that exists both within, and beyond us.

Some people may find prayer difficult, in this situation, please pactice your own form of reverent gratitude and set your intention for healing in the most light-filled and benevolent way.


Before you start to view/listen to the healing, please focus your breath into and out of your heart.

This is Heart Focused Breathing.

Visualise your heart as you breath into it, and see the heart energy leave your body and connect with your intent.


Play your Personal Soul Incantation - and continue your heartfelt connection to your intent. 

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