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Exploring the importance of the UDIN - its Biological Purpose and Therapeutic Importance.

What we will cover:

  • What is a UDIN?

  • The Biological Processes involved in a UDIN

  • The Higher Purpose of the UDIN

  • Working with the UDIN within Therapeutic Practice


Exploring the nature of 'Stress'

What we will cover:

  • What is 'Stress'

  • Why is Stress responsible for so much illness?

  • Role of Stress in disease

  • The benefits of Stress


What we will cover:

  • Conscious vs Unconscious

  • Clearing a Path

  • Creativity

  • Conscious Creativity

Conscious Creations
Becoming Hypothyroid Free II shutterstoc

What we will Cover:

  • My journey with hypothyroidism

  • The role of Stress in thyroid disease

  • A Mind-Body-Emotional Approach to disease

  • How to apply the Mind-Body-Emotion Approach to your Thyroid health

  • Becoming a Mind-Body Detective 

Becoming Hypothyroid Free
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