Providing Courses for those interested in using Meta Health in order to understand their own Health issues from a Mind-Body-Emotion perspective. Or for those wishing to apply these tools & techniques within their own family.


META HEALTH is a tool for Analysis & helps us to get to the Root Causes of disease, by understanding how our thoughts, beliefs & emotions are informing our biological interpretation and the actual cellular adaptations that can influence our health & wellbeing. 

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An Introduction to Meta Health



An 18 Hour Course, over 2-3 days.




For those wishing to utilise Meta Health Analysis & explore the Mind-Body-Emotion-Social connections to their own, or their families disease.




This course will begin in Spring 2018





Dates October 2018

A Joint Introductory & Practitioner Training in Meta Health


A total of 16-17 Days Training, Combining 'An Introduction to Meta Health' & 'Meta Health Practitioner Training'


For those wishing to complete a full personal Meta Health Analysis & explore the Mind-Body-Emotion-Social connections within both their own and their new or existing professional practice.



The Introduction course will begin in Spring 2018

The Practitioner Training will continue through Summer / Autumn 2018


Dates tbc

Meta Health Practitioner Training



An 16 Day Course, over 2-3 separate training periods.




For those wishing to use Meta Health Analysis & explore the Mind-Body-Emotion-Social connections within their professional practice.





This course will be held though Summer / Autumn 2018




Dates tbc

Meta Health Practitioner Training



An 16 Day Course, over 2-3 separate training periods.

Priced for two training places within the same course


For those wishing to use Meta Health Analysis & explore the Mind-Body-Emotion-Social connections within their professional practice.





This course will be held though Summer / Autumn 2018




Dates tbc

Why Train in Meta Health?


Meta Health Helps get to the Root Cause of Disease!

A Meta Health Analysis helped me to find that 'needle in a haystack' moment that was the trigger of my personal thyroid dysfunction! It helped me to identify when and what caused the emotional trauma that initiated my thyroid response.


When I knew when and what was at the root of my origin traumatic UDIN, I was able to do the Emotional Freedom Work and the Timeline energy work that released me from a cycle of disease!


Knowing the key themes that affected my thyroid function, through my Meta Health awareness, also means that I am able to identify and recognise IF & WHEN any of those themes may be re-occuring in the present moment, in my environment or my life. My Meta Health awareness enables me to chose to react to my personal stresses & triggers differently! Keeping the health of my thyroid at the forefront of my mind, when looking at my individual personal, psychological and emotional responses to events, as they unfold in my life on a daily basis!


Meta Health provides a truly EMPOWERING way to address our personal Health Issues!


Meta Health is a great tool for individuals to study, if they have personal long term chronic or re-occuring acute health issues, and want to persue a natural approach to self-healing. It can also be helpful for those wanting to gain a deeper insight into the possible root causes of disease or illness that exists within the family from an energy-psychology position.


Meta Health can be a useful tool to approach an existing disease or illness. It can equally be considered as part of a conscious approach to maintain existing health, whilst an individual is exploring alternative frameworks for  reoccuring family or genetic diseases. Meta Health provides a process for looking to address key themes, psychological or emotional issues that affect specific diseases or dysfunctions. 


Understanding the Meta Health perspective can give added insight into how to approach the themes that affect such illnesses.


On a professional level, Meta Health is also an ideal support to many therapies and healing modalities, as it provides such insight into the process and purpose of disease!


As a Health Coach or therapist, we are often endevouring to not only provide a temporary relief for our clients, but also a much deeper awareness of what it means to be healthy, and how that might be achieved on an individual level!


The Meta Health Practitioner Training not only empowers the Practitioner with a deep understanding of the mind-body-emotion-social connections between biological and emotional health, but allows the practitioner to empower and inform their clients in a deeply personal, uniquely specific and enlightening way.


Helping them to see their health and their choices differently!


  • Get to the ROOT CAUSE of specific diseases or biological dysfunction

  • Discover the CORE CONFLICTS that created your original UDIN

  • Identify WHEN those CORE CONFLICTS occured through using the META HEALTH TIMELINE

  • Understand the evolutionary purpose of different tissues & how to apply this understanding in practice

  • Get SPECIFIC about the nature of BIOLOGICAL ADAPTATION - why the body is doing what it is doing, and apply these understandings to your EFT & Energy Psychology Practice


“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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