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Alcohol is used for it's preservation properties. It is not essential to the vibrational healing proerties of the Crystal Moon Essences. Although the Remedy bottles are 14% alcohol content, the alcohol content is reduced to less than 0.07% when ingested in water, or drinks as per the suggested dosages. The 0.07% is when 10 drops are used in a 100ml glass. You can reduce the alcohol content if you dilute your essence in a larger amount of fluid. This dilution of alcohol content is not relative to the potency of the Crystal Moon Essence. Your Crystal Moon Essence is effective, whether you administer the required dosage to the tongue, the skin, or ingested fluids. This is because the remedy works energetically, and is effective when the required dose is administered. The alcoholic content is irrelevant to the effectiveness of the Essence.

If you require a non-alcoholic version of the Crystal Moon Essence, please contact us individually with your requirements, and we will make a fresh remedy. The shelf life of this product is much reduced, but this is a viable option for those people unable to ingest any form or level of alcohol content.


-Deborah Wiggins-Hay.


Amazing results...


Calm after the Storm...

As a recovering food addict, I have been working the 12 steps of recovery, and as I have discovered there are many triggers to my personal emotional outbursts. Whilst working on my awareness of these, I was brought to a knowledge of the Crystal Moon Essences. These essences have been a real aid in my recent recovery, as they are enabling me to not only recognise my emotions, but to chose to transform them, to change my emotional patterns. I no longer feel overwhelmed & unable to process my emotions - the Rose Quartz has become my favoured essence, it is the most amazing gift of peace and serenity when I feel overwhelmed. Not only do I feel freed from my negative emotional outbursts, but I feel freed to reflect and come to understand why I have arrived at that place.

I truly feel these essences are a gift from God, and a bridge between myself & my higher power.

-Deborah Wiggins-Hay.


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“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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