Especially Etheric (8-14), Crown (7), Third Eye (6), Heart (4), Root (1) & Earth Star

Clear Vision, Searcher of Truth, Pshycic Abilities, Dreams & Visions, Divine Prophecy, True Destiny, Sacred Heart, Spirit-Earth Child, Spiritual Warrior

Heaven on Earth

Awakening of Our Higher Awareness, which includes the Physical World. Grounding Heavenly Energies on the Earth.

Healing & rebalancing of the Earth through the development of our conscious awareness & conscious responsibilities to an interdependent evolutionary ascension (co-created through the harmonious union of Angelic energies & workers of the light, our Higher Power, ourselves, the emerging crystal helpers, plant, animal & mineral kingdoms & the Earth herself).

This essence combines the downward fountain of Spiritual Energies with the upward energetic movement & nourishment from our Earth Mother.

Spiritual Attributes:

Deepening our connection to the Earth. Honouring the Pysical manifestation of Spirit on the Earth plane & the sacred duty of us all, as spirit-earth children to facilitate Balance & Harmony within our 'families'. These families are both spiritual & physical, and this essence helps us link to our families through the understanding that we are all interdependent & linked through the crystaline matrix of creation.

We must extend our knowledge & understanding towards our next evolutionary step, through our conscious co-creation.

This is the path of the Spiritual Warrior & opens our pathway to conscious ascension.

This essence stabalises spiritual development & helps the physical body raise its vibration in attunement with higher energies at a maintainable rate. It is therefore excellent to take before meditation & also filters out distraction whilst meditating.

The Heaven on Earth essence attunes you to your spiritual purpose on Earth & also helps dissolve dissonant karmic seeds. It harmonises all of the Chakras & aligns the subtle bodies.

Heaven on Earth cuts through to the Heart of the matter, clearing the old to allow the new. Emotionally clears the way to progress (which is also enhanced with the use of moonstone essence).

This essence may also help you to accesses the past & the future

Physical Attributes:

Brings Energy into & through the body. Warms the extremities, therefore good for Reynaud's disease & chills. Regulates bodily processes that are too fast; therefore all the 'hyper' conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, hyperactivity etc.

Relieves night twitches & muscle spasms.

Heals bones, aids calcium absorption, restores elasticity to discs.

Restores balance & vitality within the body.

Stimulates the immune system.

Psychological Attributes:

Above all else, this essence is most closely associated with Conscious Responsibility. This is one of the New Consciousness Essences and is in line with the Newly attuned 2012 energies and birth of the age of Aquarius. It is a catalyst for personal development of Integrity, Honesty & Truth within us through the development of our personal conscious responsibilities as children of Heaven & Earth.

It is grounding, accepting, centering & pragmatic. It helps us develop a disciplined & ordered approach.

Heaven on Earth helps us to develop mental concentration & a deeper insight & clarity regarding the causes of our problems, whether due to physical, mental or emotional disharmony.

It provides clarity of vision of the past & future, our own and our whole interdependent crystaline family (all those categories of families living & sharing a place within this creation, that we have, in the past, thought of as 'separate' from ourselves).

This Essence connects us through Spirit to the Earth. As we are sustained, nurtured & re-balanced, we become both conductors & receivers of the New Attunement Energies. Our connection to the Earth will be strengthened as our entwined evolution progresses (our awareness of our planets intricate balancing systems has become most evident on a planetary scale with the threat of global warming - and with that threat, our conscious awakening to our intimate relationship with & reliance on our Mother Earths healing and balancing abilities).

As conductors of this New Attunement Energy, we will be sustaining & nurturing the Earth, as she also receives those renewal energies through us.

We need to awaken to the knowledge that our Earth is not only here to sustain us, but is part of our  own unique & living crystaline structures of life, to which we are inextricably linked.

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