Healing Modalities



Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful way to explore aspects of trauma in a safe and non-invasive way.








Matrix Re-Imprinting

When we experience trauma, our sub-conscious mind locks our experience into the Matrix, where it remains in an unaltered state, with the primary aim to protect us from the pain or suffering associated with the shock, or the trauma.

Whilst we are indeed protected by this highly inteligent form of defense, we are also locked into the belief patterns and asociations that keep us from moving forward, until or unless we are able to clear the energy of the shock, or trauma that has been locked into the matrix. 

This Work is profound and effective in helping us to recognise and move forward with our past traumas, and uncover and therefore change undesireable or outdated beliefs that are holding us back. 






Uncovering the 

By Chakra


You may choose your essence by assessing your energetic requirements in relationship to your chakras.

If you want to assess your Chakras, follow this link.

For a list of Chakras & their relative Essences




By colour


Soon We will be adding further information on Colour Healing in relation to the essences 

By Spiritual Attribute


A Quick Reference on Spiritual attributes and connected Essences - to come shortly...

By emotional attribute


​A Quick Reference on emptional attributes and connected essences - to come shortly...




By Family





Further information to follow...

By Physical Attribute


​​A quick reference on Physical Attributes and connected essences - to come shortly...

By Psychological Attribute

​A quick Reference on psychological attributes and connected essences - to come shortly...

Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about Magic of Water


Water Memory and Structured Water

This is an information video created by a company that makes

Violet Flame 101

Assistance for personal meditation on the Violet Ray

The Violet Flame Meditation is an aid at this time, to assist our personal ascension through conscious living. The New Aquarian Age is connected with this development and St. Germaine is assisting this area of our Enlightenment.​

Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up

Using the breath and your own vocalisation is a powerful meditation tool. You will notice the power of the vibration imediately within your ow body. When Working on Each Chakra consciously shift your attention to that Nadi / energy centre. 

This video provides the seed sound and a 1 minute focus upon each Chakra.


To extend your practice to 2 minutes per chakra - visit the link below.

All Chakras - Meditation, Balancing, Tuning

14 minute session

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