Golden Spirit Healer

Golden Spirit Healer
"Being Present with the Divine"
(3) Solar Plexus, (8-14) Soul Star and all transpersonal

Spiritual Attributes

Strengthens all Spiritual structures upon which we can build and develop our personal Divine Nature.

Connects us to our Divine Support and the architect of our Divine Structure - Our Higher Power, Our God, or whatever we understand as our Divine Nature.


Connecting us directly to our Divine blueprint and DNA, allowing the ability to override disturbed historical and genetic material within our physical structure - our bodies - whether from Environmental disturbances or Ancestral Karmic inheritence.


Helps us to accept God's (or Divine) healing presence in our life. To absorb the Love and Nurturing energy which is available to us for our sustainance.


Develops perserverance, Spiritual knowledge and understanding - layer upon layer, precept upon precept, step upon step - we realise it is an ongoing process, without a goal, only exercising our right TO BE WITH GOD / OUR DIVINE NATURE.


The Golden Spirit Healer is about connecting us daily with our Divine Nature - there are no quick fixes or short cuts. It connects us to Spiritual guides, masters and teachers in the Celestial Realms and beyond our physical planet, who are working to assist our development at this time. This essence links us to our greater extended 'Family of Light', both in this World and in others.


This is an ongoing essence for those practicing Dialy Spiritual Development and it is suggested that regular structured practice is employed, through Meditation, Spiritual learning. Further suggestions are found here:






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The Golden Spirit Healer is an added guide and aid to us in our Personal Spiritual Development work - clarifying connections (of ideas, structures, people, places, times etc), desires and their purpose (in our Spiritual Development), Divine Direction and Answers to Prayer.


It assists the line of Communication between Divine Will and Personal Will.


When we turn our life and our Will over to our Higher Power, Our Divine Nature, or our own understanding of God (whatever that is for you personally), we become willing to allow our healing, our ascension to occur...layer upon layer, step by step, moment upon moment...

There is no end, no final destination - this would be a reflection of our own Desire or Will





Physical Attributes

This Crystal Moon Essence assists in deep tissue healing.

It strengthens Bones, muscle and tendons.

Builds systematic and ongoing healing within the physical body, in correlation to our Spiritual Healing.

Supportive of the Digestive system, beneficial in all diseases of the digestive system, stomach, intestine, Liver, Kidneys. It assists Nutritional absorption and promotes a healthy desire for Healthful food and nutrition, that will allow for correct Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Spiritual sustainance.

It awakens our sleeping potential to become DIVINITY in PHYSICAL FORM.

This deep level healing can enable repairs of DNA malfunction and disturbances.

It also accesses yet undeveloped codes of activity that are lying latent within our DNA.

It is important to always understand that this access is established layer upon layer - it is a process - not instant.



Psychological Attributes

Provides Support and Acceptance especially after 'burn out' on a psychological or emotional level. Helping to build new layers of emotional security, step by step. 

Develops Patience and Perseverance.

Systematic and ongoing healing on all levels - the Golden raod to learning from our mistakes - as this essence supports our connection to our Soul Star Chakra - Divine White Light and God's Golden Sustaining Ray.

Psychologically and Emotionally we understand that we are Spiritual Beings first and foremost, undertaking a Physical Journey - that we may progress individually upon our path. We are unable to do this alone.

This essence connects us to all that is - relieves our sense of loneliness, or seperation.

Very helpful in cases of seperation anxiety or fears based on being alone, or abandoned.


This essence will allow us to understand on a deep level that we are all connected and we are all one - it also will help us to connect in the physical world with others of the same vibration and purpose as ourselves.






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