Etheric (8-14), Crown (7), Third Eye (6), Heart (4), Solar Plexus (3)



Uplifting, Stabalising, Cleansing, Protecting, Balancing, Symmetry, Order.

New Birth & New Beginnings.


The Brain of Equilibrium & Discernment

An essence of 'flux', it allows for the combining of energies, materials, ideas into a 'free-flow' of exchange, whilst also removing impurities to allow 'rebirth' of "The New"; New ideas, New creation, New Beginnings.

Physical Attributes:

This essence relieves headaches, caused by mental exhaustion. It improves Neuron activity for mental acuity. Fluorite also helps to relieve congestion of sinuses, tight breathing & asthmatic tendencies - especially if emotionally based rather than environmental.

It calms nerves, and is especially helpful for those with a nervous disposition, or 'performance' nerves.

Fluorite is helpful for 'dry eyes' syndrome & can also calm heart palpitations (if taken daily).

Fluorite imparts Life Force Energy and will combat lethargy & general malaise.

It also helps to balance most system disturbances in the physical body.

Psychological Attributes:

Fluorite improves Self-Confidence. Uplifts those with a sense of hopelessness, or suffering from depression. It encourages freedom & movement & a greater sense of space, or 'room to breath'.

Fluorite calms the 'chatter' of the mind & also balances both hemispheres of the brain - which balances our subjective/objective perception, reasoning/creativity, analytical/intuitive brain function: therefore promoting a more balanced approach to problem solving & thinking in any sphere. It can also help to balance the brain function when 'too much' thinking has dulled the senses - i.e. when studying, researching, analysing or during any fast track learning.

It Enhances Analytical Abillities, Concentration, Quick Thinking & grasping a higher order of abstract concepts.

It will also help absorb new information.

Spiritual Attributes:

Fluorite promotes Spiritual & Psychic Wholeness & Development; truth & protection. 

Its hexoctahedral structure is the most symmetrical geometric Solid possible in 3D space. Its crystalline Matrix is the cube & the Octahedron, forming the basis of the 'vector of equilibrium' - said to resonate with the Divine Infinite.

This essence imparts​ its symmetry & order to all energies, properties, environments in which it is used. It therefore also makes an excellent spray around computers & in any work space.

It is Faith Promoting, Graceful & Elegant. It is highly protective & shuts off any psychic attack or manipulation of the mind. It brings subconscious thoughts up to the forefront of the mind, revealing hidden motives & allowing for conscious deliberation & work with these.

Therefore, this is an excellent essence to work with in counselling.

This brings balance by eliminating impurties, allowing free exchange of energies, bypassing emotive context, being objectively versed in the matters at hand, creating a rainbow from the Spirit to the Heart Chakras. A very Creative Energy, bringing balance through clear expression of Pure Spirit through the Heart of a person, but with mental acuity.


Truth, Honesty & Integrity.

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