Etheric Chakras

Below is a list of Essences that relate to the Etheric Chakras, with some ideas on practical application.

It is strongly suggested that when using these essences you consciously connect to the divine light & love of the Creator & your higher power. These essences are created and dedicated through Prayer to the highest good in light & love, with conscious connection to the Christ Consciousness & the New attunement energies of this time.
A copy of the dedicatory prayer can be found here, and it is given as a guide or suggestion for your own dedication when using these essences. If you dedicate your essences in this way, they will empower your new attunement to the highest purpose. You are of course free to dedicate your essences in any way that resonates with you personally.

Heaven on Earth

Use before sleep to encourage lucid dreaming & visions.

Take 12 drops Daily 5-10 minutes before Meditation to raise physical body vibrations & filter out distractions.

Use before undertaking any psychic training or development.

Use Daily to support development of the 'Spiritual Warrior' & to receive personal revelations whilst connecting to the divine.

Taken regularly will develop gifts of the Third Eye. 



12 drops should be taken daily, on waking. A dedicatory prayer should be offered at the same time, to connect ourself with the Divine and affirm our Trust in our Higher Power and search for Truth. Compassion and Understanding are also key to your dedication. Look for a small act of Service each day to activate this energy within your life.




Golden Spirit Healer

Being preseent with the Divine seems a simple task. More than anything this essence assists us in structuring our practice.

3 drops of this essence should be taken 3 times a day, with food. (The precept is little and often and regularly). Its connection with nourishment and nutrition will begin to help us make better food choices and help absorption of nutrients. 

A dedicatory prayer should be given when taking the essence with food, requesting healthful structure and balance in all we absorb and take into our bodies - whether physical (as in the food we are about to eat), or emotional or mental (as ideas or thoughts).

This is a Healer for our personal 'Temple' - that of our physical body.

It will also build understanding and knowledge of all that we are integrating into our physical being and how that is manifesting in our lives.

Be open to receive Spiritual Insigts - do not doubt any thoughts or messages you receive. Above all, try to honor the information you receive - by ACTING UPON IT.


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