Essence families combine to create Blends for additional support.

The Blends below have been created as I have been guided to combine them for specific purposes.

They are synergetic blends that are more potent than any individual essence. 

Inner Beauty & Harmony Blend​

Promotes non-judgemental, self-approval, self-love and permenance in relationships.

It helps us integrate our sense of 'self' with the external world and our surroundings, whilst recognising the different parts/ellements we appreciate and experience the 'whole'. This is a realisation of ourselves within our divine form.

This essence represents Divine beauty, truth, appreciation, completeness and balance of our inner/outer nature.

We realise we are a reflection of God's Creation - recognising our Divinity.

We can co-create our life from a place that honors our Spiiritual heritage and recognises the precious nature of our lives.

This essence helps us to focus on the overview, rather than the specifics - and encourages the vibration of appreciation of beauty and perfection in things "as they are".

Connected to our Soul Star Chakra - our awareness is opened, and we can contemplate our place in the Universe.

An essence to assist Visions and Dreams, helping them become more vivid and clear.

The connection to our Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit Teachers is enhanced, developing conscious contact. Access to the Akashic Records, Channelling of Higher Spiritual Knowledge (especially information of love, beauty, peace, tranquility and contentment).

Conscious awareness of our 'life mission' is possible.

Psychic development of third eye, with special development of constructive visualisation: try projecting images of positive futures and positive outcomes when working with this essence.

This essence is very good for anyone who experiences themselves as being in some way 'disconnected' or 'disjointed' from the World: dissociative dissorders, seperation anxiety, or other anxiety dissorders. Can help those with dyspraxia, dementia, vertigo, dyslexia, ADHD, bipolar dissorder, motor neuron disease, or any other spacial/bodily awareness issues. Helps those who feel they are looking at a "stranger in the mirror". May also help schizophrenia.

Can be particualrly useful for those recovering from eating dissorders, alcohol or drug abuse.

Can help improve Vision and Hearing. Assisting those with tinitus, migraines, vertigo.

This essence can improve clarity of thought and condroitinal nerve connections.






Rainbow Bridge Blend​

This blend has a combination of several essences, including Rose Quartz, Tourmilated Quartz, Danburite and a rare Ajoite.

This blend is healing on all levels, it offers protection and grounding, whilst clearing the auric field of negativity and bringing Pure light to surround us and protect us.

Rose Quartz helps emotional trauma, and brings a calming peace and sense of love.

Meanwhile the Danburite helps us to lovingly "let go", whilst again allowing Divine White light to helps us 'transcend' the pain of seperation, with the knowledge that we are Spirit and will always be "one" with those we love.

Ajoite is powerfully healing on all levels, especially on the emotional level. It provides Angelic protection and enhances our sense of peace and love -  acceptance and gratitude for the experiences and life we have shared with our loved ones.

A peaceful, healing love based blend to help at times of sadness, pain and seperation.




Family 5

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Heaven on Earth​

Created to assist those who are actively walking the path of the Spiritual Warrior.

This is a blend to assist transformation into the New Age of Aquarius.


Family 6

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Family 4

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“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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