An Introduction


Energy-psychology is all about how our energy and our emotions are linked to how we think and remember significant events in our life.


These events can have a profound affect on how we feel and how we act in our everyday life - long after the event ended.


Energy-psychology techniques are a way to 'access' those past events, but in a gentle and non-traumatic way.

They also underpin how we might make a change in the way that the mind-body holds information, and is a powerful way to alter the patterns and beliefs that may be keeping our body 'stuck in those unhealthy patterns.


Once we can change these 'stuck patterns' the body knows innately how to heal and restore its own inner balance!


If you would like to work on your own healing, or would like to expand your personal healing tools in a professional capacity, I can help you to learn these techniques for personal or professional use.


See Courses and contact me if you are interested.




​These techniques include



(Emotional Freedom Technique)



(Meridian Tapping Techniques)



(Matrix Reimprinting)


Colour Mirrors + CPT

(Colour Psychology Therpies)


Meta Health + MHP

(Meta Health Practices)



(Energy in Motion)






“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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