Energetic Atunement

It is my belief that, whilst there are many ways to understand how our universe and life works - they all extend through their various forms, back to the one Source.

In the various fields of Human endeavour, ways of seeing, measuring and categorising the World around us, and our experiences within it, are listed in numerous formats.

Today, even Science begins to realise that there are overlaps in knowledge & understanding that are not only Scientific 'break throughs', but are also converging upon the arena of a Spiritual understanding - Quantum theory was the first step in this direction, but that was a hundred years ago, and there have been many more since. I also think that it is interesting to note that the awareness of this change in scientific thinking was built around Einstein's idea that a quantum of light behaves like a particle - it would be most fitting that this scientific awareness was structured around a theory of light - and would lead (eventually, if still not quite yet) to the 'enlightenment' of scientific minds.

Crystal Moon Essences are not medical in any way shape or form, they are not scientifically formulated, and do not try to immitate or replace any medical or pharmauceutical products. 

They are energetic and vibrationally enhanced 'waters'. 

They sing the song of the 'Waters of Life' - and hint that we are made of more than our parts, and that we are created from the subtlest of 'energetic' information, which is fluid, changing, ephemeral (at times) and uniquely complex, yet simultaneously intelligent and meaningful.


I am not in the business of Science, nor Medicine.

Both of these forms have 'rewritten', or decomposed our biological life-forms, our human body and its functions and organs into sections & systems that are regarded often as separate entities within the structure of the whole being.

As individuals we have also learned to separate ourselves from the harmonious cycles of not only our own bodies, but the World in which we live. Even our psychological states & personalities can be dictated to by the 'compartment' we are trying to fit ourselves into at any one time!


But this is not our true Nature - this is not our Divine Destiny, to remain forever in a fragmented state.

We were required to be fragmented for a time, in order to observe, experience, acknowledge & learn from the elements of separate form & function, of the nature of duality and its effects.

This division of our existence into 'boxes' and 'fragments' is seen in many forms throughout all of humankinds modes of learning & research. As a race, we have had to 'break down' our understanding & experiences into parts, in order to view, understand & categorise them. But in doing this, our 'whole view' has become slightly distorted & disconnected from the 'whole'.

By necessity, it seems that even on an individual level, we have handed over power of our lives to forces external to ourselves. Whether that be by reason, requirement or default, we are no longer in touch with our lives in a fundamental or dynamic way. We have fragmented ourselves into component parts that are divided & then individually 'pulled out' at required intervals.

There is a wonderful article and further interest on THE HEART OF HEALING: CONNECTION. Found here:


The Next Step of Evolution

Now it is time for us to evolve on our next stage of development.

Our New Consciousness is one in which we are to rebalance our selves into & within the greater whole.

This is our rightful place - and it is where we are sourced.

It is the work of every Spiritually inclined person and Must Become the work of our conjoined human family, here on the Earth, if we are to move harmoniously into a wonderful & joyful future.

Many people at this time, will feel disenfranchised, unable to 'see' or to 'feel' there is any positive hope for our evolutionary future.

Fears of the 'end of times' are catalysts of resignation & dispair.

Even the threat of global warming & extreme Weather Conditions remain here to remind us that we are not yet in a stable condition. Further, that our own Conscious development is linked to the rebalance & welfare of our planet - the one and only source of our physical nourishment & shelter in life!

But we are in a New Consciousness, it is the End of the 'old times' & the beginning of the New. 

Harmonic Rebalancing is a gift from our Heavenly Father & Mother. It connects us to the Music of the Spheres. The word 'connect' being the active verb here - we are being ushered towards our true home & identity, our true nature & our divine path.

Harmonic Rebalancing is a beautiful channel for us to actively reconnect with the gifts of our Divine heritage.

Our Spiritual Parents & many beings of Light & Love are working hard for us at this time, to help us through the re-birthing pains that are currently being felt.





The Music of the Spheres



It is no accident that when we talk about the Music of the Spheres we understand it to mean the etheral & non-physical order that underpins all of Creation - all of Life itself!

The power of music to affect us & contribute to a healthful life force is still being researched - but there are some interesting articles here:

As everything within creation is formed from vibration, music is a reminder to us in subtle form, that we are a part of that creation, and that the vibrations around us can have a tremendous impact within us - on our bodies, emotion, mind & spirit.

Music, (and I mean 'music' in its purest form - as a range of ordered vibrations) is the Universal language and operates beyond our conscious understanding; similarly, many levels of our body systems & processes & also our subtle bodies operate in ways beyond our current understanding. 


Attunement is a wonderful way of realigning ourselves with our own life & the World around us.

It is about finding the time, the place & the inner connections that will enable us to take back that power, which has been stripped from us; to realign ourselves in a gentle & harmonious way, towards an elevated state of grace - to reconnect with ourselves, our purpose, our true Nature, our Direct Environment & the World & Universal Cycles around & about us in general.

Attunement is the Harmonic rebalancing of ourselves to be enabled to vibrate at a frequency of healing, as directed by our higher power, God's emissaries, or the tuning fork of Heaven.

We are striving to become enharmonically resonant with our Divine Source - and in so doing, we may experience the fullness of the promise made to us by our Eternal Lord, Creator & God: 

“ For you shall go out with joy,

And be led out with peace;
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12

And the ransomed of the LORD shall return,
And come to Zion with singing,
With everlasting joy on their heads.
They shall obtain joy and gladness,
And sorrow and sighing shall flee away.
Isaiah 35:10


I would love to receive any other words from people of different Faiths that express this idea also, as I am sure it is a promise made throughout the World to all of God's Children, no matter what Faith, or Creed..

Everything within our Universe is Created from One Source. 

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