This is our re-connection to the New Golden Earth - which is the NEW GOLDEN GAIA that has been promised to us.


Many of us are aware of the shifts and changes in energetic vibration that the Earth has undergone over the early part of this century. It was promised in the Celestine Prophecies, and in the Mayan Mythologies. It has been talked about by many new age teachers and is also refered to by religions, such as the LDS church, who recognise that the children being born into the church right now are currently going to see the return of Christ during their lifetimes.


This New Borth of the Golden age of Gaia - is also the rebirth of the true Christ Consciousness which Christ came to pave in his incarnation upon the Earth 2 millenia ago.


Actually, the 'rebirth' will in fact be the original 'birth' of Christs fuller teachings, in that the original teachings were slightly hidden as his Word was shared without the rounded energetic input of his chosen divine feminine partner - Mary Magdalene - whose words and balancing energy was writen out of the teachings.


Thisother half complements the teachings of Christ, and brings the esoteric natuer of our spiritual birth into our awareness.


Rather than being 'out there' or supernatural, this is an energy which reminds us of the Earth herself as our mother, and brings that miracle of nature and of the feminine back within the complete circle of life, which requires it to be fully and completely honoured and exercised in order for our truth to shine forth and our lightness of being to become activated through the new awarenss that we might refer to as our enlightened - or Christ-Consciousness.

The fulfilment of Christs return to Earth.


Reconnecting with this energy centre, helps us to fully 'ground' and embrace that true Earth-Spirituality that makes up our complete beingness. 

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