Dedicatory Prayer

This prayerful dedication was given specifically through revelation to me, in order to ensure that the essences that are produced here, are assigned to work in the highest order, for the greatest good possible - as directed by the Will of God.

Each essence has been dedicated to this purpose with the following prayer, which is given humbly before each bottle leaves here. 

When you receive your essence, it is strongly recommended that you re-dedicate your bottle in order that you can begin the work of co-creating  with your chosen essence.    

I am aware that there will be some people who do not assign themselves to the same understanding of the Creator, or the Divine, as I do; but I believe that most people who will be directed towards the use of these essences will be open & willing to the idea of a power greater than themselves, and a divine order to all things.

"Let the light within the living breath of our Lord be present here & now, as I prayerfully ask for the dedication of these essences here present to be filled with the power & Glory of God's plan & to resonate fully in line with his purpose for me here on this planet at this time & for the Eternal Glory of God's Kingdom & children - the creation of his Passion, the fruit of his purpose & Divine witness of my life's purpose.

May the full power of his never-ending Glory shine upon these living waters in the transformation of my Conscious Crystaline structures to empower & bless my life with God's full presence.

Light & Love & Healing infuse herein.

Banish all that is contrary to thy plan, O' Lord.

I pray thee & thank thee for thy Eternal Love & Blessings, found herein & within. May our communion be long & fruitfull, bound within my heart.

I humbly ask in this, that thy Will, O Lord, not mine, be done.

In the name of Jesus Christ & the Living God, most high,



If you are uncomfortable in using the name of Jesus as part of your dedication, please use that name which is most comfortable for your highest form of dedication, or if you have no predication for any particular God, you might omit & use "the living God, most high" as your dedication.

If the use of the words "O Lord" are uncomfortable for you, you might use the words "Our Creator", or "The Divine". It is your intention that is the most important element in this dedication: in order to dedicate your act of co-creation with your essences to the highest good and also to protect yourself from any negative influences.

May your Journey be filled with Love & Light



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