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Hello! My name is Deborah, and I am the creator of Crystal Moon Essences.

I am also an Intuitive artist and healer, although perhaps more comfortable with the word 'coach', as I believe that we are all our own healers.


I am also a Master Practitioner in Meta Health, Emotional Freedom Technique & EMO.

I am a teacher/trainer in Music, Art and the Colour Mirrors Sysem, which is a colour healing system. I am also a trainer in EFT & EMO.

I also am an experienced Practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting & Birth Reimprinting Techniques, as well as a Registered HeartMath UK Provider.


For the first 25 years of my life I was a performing musician, composer and teacher. Painting and specifically colour has been a major part of my personal wellbeing journey and also my healing. Self-expression and creativity are highly valued in my work - and I have spent a great deal of my life helping to empower other people to explore and find their 'creative voice' through music and art.


Colour and Sound are major parts of my life - both as a means of self expression and creativity, but aso they have been instrumental in my own healing journey.

When I use the word 'healing' in these pages, whther it refers to colour, sound, crystals or emotional or energy-psychology work, it is not to say that there is an overal healing of any particular symptoms, or a specific 'condition' as such; but that the healing is a gentle recalibration - a return to our essential nature, and our own inner balance.


From this place our own bodies are able to do any of the healing work that it individually choses to address.


Further down there is an account of my own health story and how this impacted on the creation and birth of the Crystal Moon Essences.


But firstly, I would like to tell you a little about the Crystal Moon Essences themselves.


The Crystal Moon Essences

As I write, I am going to try to share with you my perceptions of what the Crystal Moon Essences (CME's) are.

Sometimes, the words I use 'feel' far too complex. Why? Because simply, the CME's are beyond describing - and it is sometimes difficult to find the words to describe them.

It is like trying to explain the appearance of the ripples on a lake and the reflections of clouds and sunlight, leaves and the wind as they all dance acrss the surface of a pond at once. It is instantly powerful, poetic, simple and profound. There is a beauty and a truth we see in these reflections which connect us to a deep and meaningful part of ourself, but the words just do not reach that part, or reflect the nature of it.

However, I will try to share my insights and beliefs around the crystals and the importance of using CME's.


The Crystal Moon Essences are powerful tools for readjusting our inner balance. They help to calibrate our whole energetic system. When I talk about an 'energetic system', by that I mean the complete mind-body-emotion system that interacts to create a complex web that is either a reactive, or a creative expression of our experience of life - in its many shapes and colours.

I believe that crystals were instrumental in the creation of the Earth, throughout its formation. I believe that crystals were a branch of the physical manifestation of the Earth that enabled subtler more divine energies to solidify and to flow through a physical form, and that they also have held this higher energetic vibration for us, so that we can reconnect with that purer form in its less 'complex' state, (compared for instance with the human consciousness experiement, which allows for a variety of different mind-body-emotion experiences, and therefore vibrations, to be held in one organism). 

This does not mean that crystals and minerals are not 'complex' in their form or that their energetic vibrational essences are less 'important', but that they are more 'stable' and complete within their own vibrational unity.

This may sound strange - but I sense that it was through the connections of the crystals themselves, and their consistent and steady streaming of energy that the planet was able to stabalise and hold a vibration that became condusive for life to form here.

In this sense, crystals were at the heart of the 'grid' which stabalised and founded the Earth, and they were part of the energetic midwifery that our life energy forms are born from.

Therefore when we connect with them, we return closer to 'home' in a sense. We are able to 'declutter' and to focus on particular energies or vibrations and this in turn helps us to recalibrate our whole body system. This is particularly helpful if our mind-body-emotion experiences have become fairly complex and if that complexity finds us facing conflicts. The energetic 'de-clutter' and simplification is an essential support.


Creating Crystal vibrational waters is something that everyone can do - I do run courses and retreats to help people to do just that - and to help people to connect with other "like-minded", or rather "like-energetic" people.


The Crystal Moon Essences were instrumental in helping me on my own healing journey and brought me back to a place where I can connect to myself more fully.


I integrate using the CME's with other energy and emotional techniques, where they become powerful transformational tools to assist the release of outdated and unwanted personal or ancestral patterns and beliefs. 


I have experienced first hand, and seen huge transformational shifts in people who use these essences - to the extent that I feel the CME's speed up our own innate capacity to rebalance to a large extent. Perhaps because they support the whole mind-body-emotional system, and because they work on the etheric and causal bodies - the non-physical energy bodies. They assist the bodys rebalance in a strong and powerful way, and one which does not seem to create a 'pendulum' effect, which can happen when we swing wildly between different states - when we are trying to change how our whole inner mind-biology and emotional interactions occur.


I feel honoured to have been the conduit through which the CME's were birthed, and if they did nothing more than help me on my journey - that would be an amazing miracle just of itself! However, I was encouraged to share these more widely, and I believe it is because the time is right now, for so many people to begin their own inner journey themselves, and therefore I felt that I needed to share them. It was not easy to do, as I would rather have stayed quiet, and unseen. Not having to stand up and be noticed.

Firstly, I just published this site, with info on the crystal moon essences themselves. There was no information on myself at all. But over the years, the CME's have proven again and again how powerful and essential they are to our new emerging consciousness. And I am not one to stand in the way of such a great gift.


I hope you find my personal story of interest, and if you would like more info on the essences, or a one to one session before chosing which ones to work with, please do contact me. Alternatively, you may be drawn instinctively to the one that would work perfectly for and with you.


My health Story

I became very ill after the birth of my first child, with gall stones and the autoimmune disease 'hasimotos', which led to hypothyroidism. (For more details on my personal health journey and the work I now do to help others with hypothyroidism, please see my website Hypothyroidfree).


These issues meant that from 25 years old, I had regular periods of time spent in hospital at the A & E Department, or was so physically drained that I was unable to do the most basic daily tasks: this severe downturn in my health led on to a period of depression. 

I quickly realised that although the medication I was taking from my GP for my hypothyroidism appeared via testing to improve my thyroid hormone blood levels to ‘normal’, it did not improve my clinical symptoms, and I was turned away from my GP being told I was 'normal' when I felt like "the living dead".


As the traditional medical route did not seem to be able to provide me with any way of improving my symptoms, I decided to look for alternative systems and techniques that might work for me. As I discovered these, I trained in them and then worked with other people. This was the beginning of a twenty year search for different methods in alternative health and complementary medicine, which was the only way I could see to take some personal control of my own health.


I trained in Reflexology and then extended this to Colour Reflexology. I found that directing coloured light points through quartz crystals was a powerful and much less 'painful' method of working for any client who was hyper sensitive to the 'reflex points'.


I trained in Usui Reiki Healing, and although I do not practice 'Reiki' in its common form, I do work with the energy that my Reiki attunement directs through me. However, I use this unobtrusively within my reflexology treatments, or in the crystal or EMO work I now do.


My love of Crystals grew over many years until I began to create Crystal Moon Essences (Crystal Elixirs) in 2012.

The creation of the Crystal Moon Essences is a story in itself, but in short, I was guided by my higher spirit guides, and one in particular, who directed me in what I should do. I was never formally trained in todays methods of crystal training - and when I queried if I should receive some 'formal' training, I was told clearly not to do so.

It was made clear to me that I would 'hear' the crystals individually - and that I was not to receive training by 'reading' someone elses books.

This was the beginning of a journey that not only taught me about crystals, but that opened up my inner intuitive and helped me to her and accept the information I was receiving through channeling, or 'listening' to my guides.

I know now that this would never have been fully achieved had I gone to a class to be told what a crystal meant, or how to use it by a third person.


It was my search for creating a complete system of addressing personal empowerment and healing for clients that led me, through a beautiful series of synchronicities to discover Richard Flook’s book “Why am I sick?”


Since then I have trained in EFT, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Meta-Health, Birth Re-Imprinting and Colour Mirrors, which I combine in a multi-energistic approach along with my own Crystal Moon Essences to assist and coach my clients through their own dis-ease, whether mental, emotional or physical.


My own experience in facing my dis-ease has led me to explore and clear the energies that I have assumed in this life and in addition, from a number of previous lives and also from my Ancestral heritage (family lines).


Emotional Healing

There were a number of emotions that I had carried for the most part of my life, and also deep beliefs, that sometimes seemed irrational to me, or seemed to have no logical bearing on my conscious awareness of my own life, memories or experiences. Yet these beliefs and emotions seemed to direct and control my life in ways that sometimes bewildered me and sometimes made me question my sanity.

In addition to these strong inner thoughts and beliefs, the hypothyroid illness that had come to completely overwhelm my every day life led me into swinging between emotional extremes - from depression to bouts of severe Anger.

I felt that my life experience was manifesting in ways that I knew consciously, I did not want!

Yet I felt powerless to change my behaviour or my direction!

With the increase in my own powerlessness and inability to change my situation, and simultaneously with the increased persistence in my soul trying to manifest opportunities of a ‘Soul-ution’, my health in cyclic fashion, became severely affected.


Over time, the purpose of my emotions and beliefs came into my conscious awareness through a deep transformative work, using the various energy techniques involved in Emotional Freedom Techique (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting (MR) and through using the Crystal Moon Essences that had been gifted to me, but now in a very structured and 'complete' way, which included becoming 'conscious' of the thoughts and feelings and patterns involved in my disease, I began to combine all of the techniques that I had been using into a unified approach, which I tend to call Unifying Energistics.

Becoming aware of the beliefs we have held about ourself and the world, and understanding how they have manifested within the body itself is a deeply transformative work - and one which takes us from a place of disempowerment, pain and fear (especially because we do not understand what is happening to us, or why). The learnings I had about my self now (and my past), my thoughts about myself and others, and the events that had formed these struck deep chords within me.

For me, the experience of consciously coming to understand my inner workings, that darker, unconscious part of myself, was like the acknowledgement of a truth I had long known, but forgotten. It allowed my darker fears and pains to emerge and to be cleared away.

As these energy blockages gradually cleared, I notice within myself an ‘awakening’, a new sense of myself: clearer, calmer, more centered.

This began to feel like my true ‘SELF’ emerging.

In tandem with this conscious awakening and clearing, my body began to function better, and I began to reduce the thyroid hormone medication I had been on for the last twenty years.

I have been off all mediction for two years, and have seen an endocrinologist who reported to me that my thyroid had 'regrown' and was now functioning correctly.

Most importantly, the old symptoms are completely gone - and I feel not just like my old self - but like my new self.




Becoming Yourself Once Again

The work of ‘self’ is ongoing, and I continue the work for myself everyday! 

I realise that the process of self-awareness is not just one of ‘finding ourselves’, or ‘becoming’ who we are; but of releasing all that we are not.  

It is a process of unpeeling all of the layers that are, and never were our ‘self’, until we come back to the core of who we have always been.

Now the work is about listening to hear any areas of 'disquiet', of recognising when something doesn't "feel right" in that moment - and doing something about it there and then. That doesn't mean making a big external affair of it, but of quietly becoming self-aware, and using the tools and techniques that are freely available to us at every moment of our lives!

We do not need to be using 'products' or expensive tools to do this work. Yes there is a period of learning how to do this for oursleves; yes there is great benefit in doing the work in groups and with others to help along the way (in fact working with others is an essential part of our healing work!) But self-work and self-empowerment comes when we are able to respond to our inner signalling and alarm system - and address those needs there and then.

These signals tat make us uneasy are always fear-based, and as we learn to recognise them and honour them, we will see them more easily. We will recognise our own 'core areas' that will need to be addressed again and again over time - possibly daily. When we are unwell, maybe even several times an hour!

But with the recognition and the clearing that we do - every time we release a fear, we not only release that 'one' moment of fear - but we unravel the many past fears that also relate to it. And we simultaneously reduce the possibility of that same fear returning to have such a tight hold on us again in our future.

It is a little like undoing the biggest 'knot' in a rope that might be miles long. But each time one knot is released, the rope becomes more flexible and the next one is easier to get out.


Doing the Work for Ancestral Clearing & Karmic Seed Clearing

Part of the work is an acknowledgment of the shadow part of ourselves - that may have been collected over numerous lifetimes, left unresolved and still needing to be faced.

It is also the sum of the work we agreed to carry over for and on behalf of our Ancestors, who were also unable to resolve or face the lessons within their own lifetimes.

It is a big work, the work of clearing our energetic patterns, the layers of time/space that sit within the shadow of our true selves - shouting at us to LOOK HERE, to clear away the debris and allow the light to enter into those darker parts of ourselves.

But it is not a work that is impossible - in fact, Spiritually, it is THE WORK that we agreed to do, and that we signed up to do! It is the Soul-ution to the question of why we are here, on this planet at this time.

It is my belief that it is this time in our Planetary Evolution, that we agreed to come here and to be Warriors in search of Truth, Wisdom and the Path towards the Light.

If you recognize that there is a calling for you greater than the path you feel you are currently traveling, and your body, mind or emotions are signaling that there is an energetic imbalance emerging in your awareness…maybe you are being gently beckoned to listen…



For me, one of the most important things to understand during our experience of our disease is that the disease is not us, it does not define us or who we are. It is however the experience our body has as a response to its perception of what is happening in our life.


Lastly, if we are not happy with the experience of our body: whether that is our biology, our mind or our emotional health, there are alternative solutions that can help us on our journey.

Yours may be different to mine, but ultimately, we are all experiencing our lives as an individual expression of the interplay of light, colour and sound. 

Acknowledging and openning up our awareness to accept and experience the Red Hot Anger, or the harmony of feeling 'light', or the ability to hear our own thoughts and to really listen and acknowledge them in an honest, loving and truthful way is the only path to becoming balanced, understanding our inner needs and desires and honestly looking at them and finding a way to rebalance them.

This honouring and rebalancing of our Inner World will eventually allow the biological body to do the rest and repair work required, and that can only be achieved when the body has found an equilibrium and is at peace with the (mind) thoughts and emotions we are carrying. Then the body can find homeostasis. Health and happiness are the natural by-products of this state of balance.



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