"Being"     "Oneness"     "Complete"


(4th) Heart, Thymus (Higher Heart), (7th)Crown Chakra & (8th) Soul Star

Communicator of Truth, Compassion and Understanding.

Inner Balance through connection to Divine Love.

Resolution of Conflict

Helps with Stress relief and ear and hearing problems - including balance

I understand that Danburite will work very differently as an essence compared to using the crystal alone. I don't understand how completely, but have been told that it has a connection to our relativity and traversing of the Space-time continuum.

Spiritual Attributes

Danburite brings one a sense of Peace, Completeness, Wholeness and that Meta physical aspect of 'oneness' that the Sages of the Ages have pursued.

The sense of completion and oneness comes form the placement of 'being in the NOW' - of being present in ones life.

In itself this being present in the Now facilitates the ability to 'let go' of unhealthy or harmful desires.

Danburite helps us to listen with our Spiritual ears - to decipher the truth through the energy of words that are spoken, and not necessarily the meaning of the words.

As a Heart Crystal, Danburite is closely connected to the Thymus Chakra (or Higher Heart Chakra), which is connected to  our personal ascension.

It connects us to the source of Divine Love, which allows us to develop self-love in a non-egoistic form, and also allows us to develop a compassionate and loving heart towards others.

"Love one another, as I have loved you" - Christs New commandment upon the Earth is the embodiment of this energy.

Our Faith is developed through our experience of the Peace and sense of 'oneness' (or our sense of lack of separation and inner conflict) that we feel when operating through the Heart - even in the face of adversity.

Emotional Attributes

Developing self-love and Compassion towards others - this essence is all about a DIVINE, HIGHER LOVE.

Helps us to feel connected and at one with others and ourselves - very good for settling emotional conflict.

As a Heart Crystal, Danburite encourages Understanding, not just on the psychological & mental levels, but on the emotional levels of compassion, whereby we connect with one another in an energetic exchange of clarity and positivity. This does not necessarily mean that the difficult issues are no longer present, but it does mean that we are enabled to understand them and overcome them through our Divine Love.

Trusting in our Higher Power and our own connection to the Divine, we are able activate the powerful energy of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is a balancing principle on the Spiritual Path: "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" - Forgiveness unbinds us from the ties that bind us to unhappiness and sorrow.

"And the Truth shall set you free..." when clarified through the beautiful compassion and forgiveness of Danburite.

It is a wonderful essence for reducing stress.

Helpful for Depression, Emotional disturbances, relationship disharmony, self-hate or the disenfranchised.

Physical Attributes

As a Heart Crystal, Danburite is supportive of the Heart and its functions.

Balancing Blood Pressure and arrhythmia.

It is helpful in reducing hyper-activity and increasing hypo-activity in Endocrine disorders.

Helps to regulate bodily temperature fluctuations, again helpful for those suffering from Endocrine disorders, Diabetes and Thyroid imbalances.

Hypothalamus & Pituitary function are connected to this energy, which govern sleep, weight, endocrine & reproductive systems, childbirth and body temperature.

On the physical level, the 'physical' attributes are closely connected to glands and systems that talk in terms of minute chemical-electrical transmissions via our hormones.

The connection between the head and heart is amplified or underscored, in that the endocrine and other systems orchestrated by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands are intimately connected with our emotional well-being.

Auditory function is improved, and some people have expressed that they are able to sense the movement and readjustment of energies within the head area.

This is an excellent essence to use in Counselling situations - both for the Counsellor and the counselled - in its ability to 'hear' the message, or the truth, behind or beyond the words spoken.

Its ability to bring balance and perspective to our understanding is helpful for the counselled and especially for those working in group dynamics.

Excellent in Therapy sessions, or any support groups, where honest, truthful communications and reflection are required.

Also wonderful to aid meditation and access to the higher vibratory Angelic planes, and to assist Spiritual Connections to guides and teachers in the Higher Realms, in order to facilitate Spiritual self-development. 


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