Crystal Lotus meditations


Deborah Wiggins-Hay

This Album is an exploration of the power of sound as it manifests itself through the process of The Creation.

It is a journey through the different aspects of the creation - as described in metaphors through various creation myths, but also as it is embodied within the physical vibration of the sound itself!.

The manifestation of Sound Vibration is beautifully held through the crystal singing bowls.

Some of these tracks have been created to stand alone as purely crystal singing bowl tracks, whilst others incorporate a combination of other sounds that explore and expand on the themes of the album.

Some tracks have been created as both stand alone crystal singing bowl tracks, and as extended tracks, and where these exist within the one track theme, both will be included in any purchase.

These are not 'guided meditations', but rather meditations on sound itself.

The language used is light language, and is therefore a soul language, that is not designed to direct the conscious mind.

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