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Home of Crystal Moon Essences, the Beautiful Crystal Tones Alchemical Singing Bowls, and some of the most beautiful Crystalline Beings.


Crystal Moon Essences

These Crystal Moon Essences were a Sacred Gift, that were channelled directly through my Spirit Guide, to share at this time. As I learnt how to make these essences directly from Spiritual guidance, I learnt the most powerful ways of working with them in order to shift vibrational energies in relation to specific emotional or past issues.

Visit the Crystal Moon Page to see more on the Crystal Moon Essences (CME's).


Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls

The Crystal Singing Bowls are powerful and beautiful sonic tools of transformation.

Sound is one of the first aspects of the 'Creation', and is a guiding element of 'harmony' that the cells of the body can easily entrain to.

Visit the Sonic Alchemy page to see more on the Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. 



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Crystal Aura Sprays

Combine the powerful energetics of Crystal Essences and Essential Oils.

Crystal Tones

Alchemy Singing Bowls

The UK Crystal Temple Houses one of the largest collections of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls.

A guide to choosing your essence

Find out what Crystal Moon Essence might best serve you...


“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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