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How to Give a Personal Soul Incantation as a Gift


These are beautiful & unique gifts to give as:


  • A Wedding gift

  • A 'Baby Shower' gift

  • A House warming gift

  • A Relationship Blessing in a hnadfasting ceremony or other life event



Personal Soul Incantations are a unique and personal way to not only 'mark' an intimate and personal event, but to also intentionally assist a powerful and positive energetic vibration within which that event can sit.

Personalised Soul Incantations


When you decide to have a Personalised Soul Incantation created, either for yourself, or as a unique and individual gift for other loved ones, part of the process of its creation is to arrange for either one, or two, consultations. During the consultation(s) we discuss the hopes, the aims and the desired outcome of the Soul Incantation.


Soul Incantion for your self:

Requires two consultations - one before, and one after creation of the Soul Incantation. 

The larger part of the consultation will be after the Soul Incantation has been created. We will work through the session as a sound healing - and work with whatever comes up for you in the session. You can then continue to work with your Soul Incantation individually for your self develpment and change.


Soul Incantation for others:

Requires one preliminary consultation. 

After the longer preliminary consultation I will create the MP3 / MP4 which will be available for you to give as a gift to others. No Further Consultation is required after the MP3 & MP4 are created.


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