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How to Give a Personal Soul Incantation as a Gift


These are beautiful & unique gifts to give as:


  • A Wedding gift

  • A 'Baby Shower' gift

  • A House warming gift

  • A Relationship Blessing in a hnadfasting ceremony or other life event



Personal Soul Incantations are a unique and personal way to not only 'mark' an intimate and personal event, but to also intentionally assist a powerful and positive energetic vibration within which that event can sit.

Personalised Soul Incantations


When you decide to have a Personalised Soul Incantation created, either for yourself, or as a unique and individual gift for other loved ones, part of the process of its creation is to arrange for either one, or two, consultations. During the consultation(s) we discuss the hopes, the aims and the desired outcome of the Soul Incantation.


Soul Incantion for your self:

Requires two consultations - one before, and one after creation of the Soul Incantation. 

The larger part of the consultation will be after the Soul Incantation has been created. We will work through the session as a sound healing - and work with whatever comes up for you in the session. You can then continue to work with your Soul Incantation individually for your self develpment and change.


Soul Incantation for others:

Requires one preliminary consultation. 

After the longer preliminary consultation I will create the MP3 / MP4 which will be available for you to give as a gift to others. No Further Consultation is required after the MP3 & MP4 are created.


PAY ONLINE FOR YOUR Meditation MP4 & MP3 Here


An MP4 Audio/visual Support for your Chakra Breathing Practice.
After your purchase you will be sent your individual code to access the site freely over the next year.
Please be aware that there may be a delay between purchase and receiving your code, as these are created manually after purchase.
Thank you.


Chakra Breathing is a calming meditative practice that extends the practice of Focused Meditative Breathing to encompass 'breathing through the energy centres' or 'wheels of energy' - also known as Chakras. 
This video is part One of a series of videos and energy practices that make up The 12 Strand Series.
This is a set of energy practices that includes sound and colour entrainment, the use of Crystal Moon Essences and breathing techniques that bring the energy system into balance and harmony. 
Chakra Breathing is one practice within the complete 12 Strand Series: As a complete series these practices combine many techniques that can assist a rebalance of our different energy systems within the emotional, physical and psychological energy body; one of the areas that we address are the imbalances between the masculine and feminine energy that flows through us individually. 
For example:
This energy balance within each of us individually can be affected by past life or present life traumas that have been, or are currently based around hurts of, or from any aspect of our personal or collective experiences of the masculine or feminine. 
This particular Breathing practice also helps to balance the Central Nervous System: our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system. With time and regular practice, this technique will assist in taking you out of your customary responses to difficult or stressful situations.

Crystal Moon Essences
Skype & Mail Consultations

If you are thinking of using the Crystal Moon Essences, but wonder how and if you can use them in a more effective way, you may find a consultation a good way to help you to understand not only which essences you may requires, but also when might be the best times of day for you to receive the greatest effect on your personal energetic system.


Skype, telephone & Mail consultations are available, as well as 1-2-1 sessions.


During a Skype Consultation I will make the energy assessment with you at the time, and we will discuss the essence you require before I send them out to you.


During a Mail Consultation, you may send a letter through the post, hand written by the person requiring an assessment. An individual energy assessment will be carried out by proxy and I will send you the proposed selection of essences for your individual use.


This may be any of the individual essences on this site, or we may suggest a personalised Individual essence is created for your individual requirements.

Please Contact me to discus your consultation, either by telephone or email.

If we agree a time for your Consultation, or your Personal Soul Incantation, please chose your Consultation Type from those above, and add to the cart. 

After payment, please confirm your consultation with me by email.

Skype Terms & Conditions will be emailed directly to you.


“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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