There are several ways to receive the correct essences for your personal needs:

You can select an essence after browsing the website, based upon its attributes - physical, emotional, psychological or Spiritual. These are listed under each individual essence.

You can select your essence through a healing modality, chakra or colour. Certain areas or professions may find particular essences useful to use during treatments.

You may chose to dowse for your essence at home. If you chose this method you will be familiar with dowsing, and have your own preferred methods to make your selection.

Crystal Moon Essences can undertake a Mail consultation, whereby you may send a sample of hair through the post to have an individual energy assesment carried out - we will dowse for your personal requirements and send you our proposed selection of essences for your individual use.

We are also able to create a synergetic blend of essences, which is a way to take a personalised combination of essences for your personal requirements. This means that you can purchase only 1 or more bottles (as specified via your individual energetic requirements), even if your personal requirement is for several essences.

An Individual Synergetic Essence is made for your personal needs and it is therefore strongly suggested that you do not share this essence with anybody else. Whilst it will not be harmful to anyone else, it is calibrated to your exact energies and therefore may not be as effective on another person.

Synergetic blends can be made to order but are also part of the cost of your Mail Consultation. 


Mail Consultation


If you would like to have an assessment of your energetic requirements, you will need to send a hand written letter, along with a hair sample, to the address on our contacts page.

An energetic assessment will then be carried out and you will receive an Individualised Essence, that will be a 30ml bottle of a synergetic blend of all of the essences that you require.

Visit our Entrainment Centre


Entrainment has several definitions, depending upon which form the entrainment is taking. In physics it is the process by which two oscillating systems assume the same period. It is also the practice of entraining ones brainwaves to a desired frequency. Synchronisation of organisms to an external rhythm and the alignment of a circadian systems period and phases to an external period or phase are all examples of entrainment. In respect of the human being, there are no other creatures that are able to entrain rhythmically - as when we align with musical rhythmic beats and dance. Entrainment is the system whereby we become 'intune' with the crystals.  

A visit to our Entrainment Centre is where we can assist you in person to assess your energy requirements and to facilitate your personal entrainment.

Please Purchase Your Consultation Session Here

Once we have agreed a time for your consultation, either by telephone or email, you can make payment below by paypal.

Please chose your Consultation Type, and Add to cart. 

After payment, please confirm your consultation by email.

I will then send Skype Terms & Conditions for your Consultation.

90 Minute Consultation

This consultation lasts 90 minutes and is for the following therapies:


Matrix Re-imprinting

Birth Re-Imprinting

Colour Mirrors

Reflexolgy: Initial Consultation only

Meta-Health: Follow-up consultations

60 Minute Consultation

This consultation lasts 60 minutes and is for the following therapies:

Crystal Moon Essence Energetic Assessment & free 30ml CME Bottle

Colour Mirrors - including Mail Consultation

Reflexology: Follow-up sessions


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