Sound Healing Practices


The Sound Bytes (& Light Bytes) are Sound Healing for Mindfulness and Meditative Practice, or to use with Heart-based breathing techniques. They are a subscription-based, weekly sound byte that provides intuitive guidance that is based on Astrological and colour readings. The Light Bytes accompany the Sound Bytes and are sent directly to your email in-box.


Crystal Bowls are used in Personalised Crystalline Soul Incantations. 


Crystal Bowls are also available to purchase. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing your own crystal bowls.


The Colour Mirrors System


is a system of coloured bottles that refelcts the energy of our experience or situation back to us.


They can provide relevant information to help us understand what is going on in our life, and also are an energetic tool for rebalancing.


Therefore they are both diagnostic and healing - working across all areas of the mind, body and spirit.

Colour Reflexology


is a beautifully gentle technique that combines the use of colour with the acu-points on the hands or feet.


This is a particularly helpful combination for people who are unable to withstand the sometimes 'intense' reflexes that can accompany a reflexology session. Especially one which is specifically for therapeutic gain, where we would expect to see significant reflexes showing up upon the feet.


In addition to this, the colour itself is very powerful. Sometimes, the colour is a gentle and profoundly powerful way to work directly with the energy system, whereby the client can relax and lay back whilst listening to healing sounds, which assist the therapeutic effects.



Colour Reflexology


is can use the Colour Mirrors System as a means of applying colour directly to the skin, either by using the coloured oils from the bottles; or by using the coloured roller-ball tools.


My prefered tool for colour reflexology is a crystal torch that uses coloured lenses, through which white light is shone.


This creates a focused coloured light beam through the quartz crystal head, which can be applied to specific acu-points upon the hands or feet.

The Rife Treatments


are electromagnetic treatments utilising the Rife Frequency Generator that Royal Rife created in the 1920's.


There is a huge amount of information available on the internet about the Rife Machines, and they have been used in the treatment of various diseases.


They are particularly useful for addressing disease that is associated with microbial, bacterial, viral or parasitic origin or association.

This video (above) shows how the Rife Frequencies home in on and affect particular organisms, without affecting others. This is because the theory suggests that each organism has its own frequency. When that frequency is used, the 'sympathetic resonance' that is achieved can cause a vibrational disonnance (not unlike that we see when an opera singer hits a high note and it shatters a glass). The resulting structural failure, can completely de-stabalise a structural form - which is what we see as the organisms in the video above explode and then disintegrate on the microscopic level.


When we use the RIFE, we target micro organisms that are causing disease. 

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