Colour Mirrors Practitioner training

Become a Fully Certified Colour Mirrors Practitioner.

The Colour Mirrors are a set of coloured bottles which hold keys to personal transformation, as they give us the opportunity to look into ourselves in a safe, gentle way. Allowing us to look into the parts of our life which may have been calling out to us, and which may need our attention. They provide the 'mirror' that assists us to 'see' what is going on for us in a way that we may not have been able to see previously. Colour Mirrors assist this new vision, with the addition of profound insights that colour provides us, we are able to finally acknowledge the messages that our body may have been trying to tell us. Colour is also the tool to gently break through and dissolve any blockages that may be keeping us stuck in old patterns.

Colour allows fun, creative, safe, intuitive directed areas of focus to be addressed and can easily be applied in the therapeutic process, either as a diagnostic or as a healing tool.

Time Commitments

This training takes place over 8-10 days, held intermittently over six months, it will provide you with one of the most creative and profoundly life changing light tools to add to your therapists, healers or counselling skills.

For Practitioners

Colour is a profound tool that enables a sensitive practitioner or healer to shine a light upon deep emotional or psychological issues, in a sensitive and gentle way.

Because colour works on such a deep level of our being, it can overcome conscious blocks or any inhibitory fears of communication between a practitioner and their client. Because it is a language of sensitivity, that is not consciously defined through language, the client can relate to colour in a safe and gentle manner. Whilst the practitioner can direct appropriate questioning and focus in the areas that present. 

What will you receive?

This Practitioner Training will allow you to become a registered member of the Colour Mirrors Practitioner family, and is fully insurable and accredited through Colour Mirrors.

During the training, you will not only learn about using colour in a therapeutic way, but the course will also be an opportunity for a personal exploration of colour and to further engage in your own healing journey.

Colour Mirrors is also part of the Full Colour Therapy Training provided as part of TEMTTA Trainings, which also includes working with colour light

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