Colour Me CPT ©


Colour Psychology Therapy (CPT) ©  uses Energy-Psychology & an awareness of Mind-Body therapies to combine and utilise Colour in a powerful and profound way.


Colour Me © CPT can be used with Colour Reflexology, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, HeartMath Techniques and many other energy-based therapies. 


It combines a conscious, left-brained understanding of colour and colour psychology with the unconscious, intuitive and innate somatic awareness of the right-brain.


When combining Colour Me © CPT with other therapies we can direct our questioning and our attention on a conscious level to where the colour is pointing, but simultaneously, the colour is working through the energy channels of the body, which means that when required, no conscious evaluation or conversation is necessary.



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Below are some Video Demonstrations:
  • Energy Psychology
  • Colour Me CPT © Short Demo
  • Colour Me CPT © A Comprehensive overview of a session - password required
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  • Colour Me EFT ©
  • Colour Me Matrix ©

Energy Psychology

An Introduction to Energy Psychology.


CPT is part of the Energy Psychology Techniques that I have developed and use - you can see examples of these in the Colour Reflexology Videos.






Colour Me CPT © Colour  Reflexology

A short demonstration of a Colour Me CPT 'Colour Reflexology' Session.






Colour Me CPT © Colour  Reflexology

A Comprehensive overview of a Colour Me CPT Colour Reflexology Treatment.


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Combining Colour, Crystals and Energy-Psychology mind-body techniques to address many different aspects of your health and well-being!


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