Solar Plexus (3), Thymus (higher 4th), Third Eye (6), Crown (7) + Etheric (8-14)


Bringer of Joy,  Self-empowerment,  Self-Esteem,  Happiness in actions,  Integrity,  Honesty

Citrine Essence  is a wonderful tonic for anyone who has issues around self-esteem, self-confidence or around self-expression of their own needs & requirements.

Citrine brings the golden ray of Gods love - the 'sunshine' of our soul - into being.

It helps us to see that we are divine - and loved - and important. That our needs are both important & relevant.

It helps us to begin to understand that we are 'worthy' & entitled to express our own needs and desires.

When we do not express ourselves healthfully in this way, we become 'halted' in our own development, and also in our Soul purpose here on Earth. We become solidified, unmoving, unable to progress, or move forward.

Our own healthy Self-Worth may often have been surpressed or 'beaten' out of us (either metaphorically, using mental, emotional or physical manipulation) during our early years. Often for  our "own good" and by our carers. But the resulting denial of 'self', can inhibit our further progression. 

Spiritual Attributes:

Citrine sees us as we truly are - as magnificent expressions of the Divine. Made of a complex interweaving of metaphysical, physical & spiritual energies, we are all empowered with our own mind, consciousness & will. This makes us unique beings, with unlimited potential.

Our potential is only expressed on the Earth through the direction of our Will - as we manifest it in all we do throughout our lives. It can be used for good or bad, to uplift & empower others, or to subjugate and supress. 

Our own Will becomes most beautifully expressed when we align it to that higher source of love & light, which may mean overcoming our own Will, and often, even our own selfishness. This is the ultimate Spiritual path, where for eons, human beings have expressed their experiences of combating their own Will (the Ego), by the integration of God's Will, or the Will of the Divine (humility).

Physical Attributes:

kidneys, liver, Gall-stones, Bile Duct, Pancreas - Isles of Langerhan. Helps de-calcify to reduce stone formation in bile, kidneys & Gall Bladder. Improves Joint movement & is associated with synovial fluid. This also helps with some Arthritis problems. Citrine Essence can even be used in a cream, and or placed upon any bandages that you may use if you have wrappings on swollen joints.

Psychological Attributes:

Develops a stronger connection to our true nature - a more positive & complete vision of how we truly are. Our Divine image of ourselves is revealed to us through our higher chakras - to be manifested through our personal Will via the Solar Plexus.

Promotes a positive self-image, self-confidence, positive rebalancing of expression of Personal Will in alignment with Divine Will. Can help with reducing egotistical tendencies.

This essence brings  Joy through the rebalance of our self-image and by proper expression of our Divine Nature & personality.

A helpful essence for all victims of abuse - especially when aggression, molestation or violence have been experienced. 

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