Chakras & their relative Essences

Each Essence vibrates to one or more Chakras, and below is a list of each chakra and it's corresponding essences. There are many choices for each chakra. You may look at each essences properties to decide which might work better for you, or allow yourself to be drawn to a particular essence in the group, or you may dowse to find which would best serve you at this time. 

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is your portal to the Infinit Universe

Palatial Chakra

Found in the nasal region,

Crown Chakra

This is our highest vibrating Chakra - found above the crown of our heads.

Throat Chakra

Found in the throat region,

Third Eye Chakra

Found in the centre of the forehead.

Heart Chakra

Found in the Heart region,​

Higher Solar Plexus Chakra

Found at a space of about 3 fingers above the belly button region, between the belly button and the Heart area.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Found at a space of about 3 fingers above the belly button region, between the belly button and the Heart area.

Sacral Chakra

Found 2" below the Navel.

Root Chakra

Found centrally below the genitalia, a few inches below the physical body.

Earth Star Chakra

This Chakra is found several feet within the ground below us, it links us through our own Chakra column to the Earth via the Earth Star Chakra. Our whole energetic system requires connection to mother Earth, to receive the sustaining nourishment and energies that are supplied to us through her. Equally our mother earth receives and transmutes those energies that are surpluss to our requirements - and just as she transmutes all energies into their equal and opposite force, she transmutes our discarded, or waste energies through her cyclic nature, to manifest a sustainable balance where we co-exist in harmony. 

Etheric Chakras

These Chakras are related to the subtle bodies, that are connected and related to the seven main Chakras (Energy vortexes) that directly feed Spiritual energies into our gross Physical body.

You will notice that there are 7 Etheric Chakras - corresponding to the 7 Main Chakras. 


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- Abigail H


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