Throat Chakra​ (5),

Etheric Chakras (8-14)


Peaceful, Unhindered, Free-Flowing, Un-oppressed, Uncensored, Healthy Expression of Perfect Impressions. Creativity.

The Angelic "call to arms", preparing ourselves to manifest Divine proposition into action.   

Upholder of Dreams. The Expression of a Higher Peace & Order.

Manifestation of Dreams into Expressive Forms.

The Word is the first manifestation of Spirit upon the Earth - in many Creation tales - the Word is spoken to Unleash the Creative forces that then mould the Earth plane.

This essence embodies this creative energy - where ideas are born first, where 'potential' is materialised as an expression, before manifestation.

In other words - first comes the thought, or idea, then comes the healthy release of that thought into existence (the Creation), then the released energy becomes form (the Created).

The Healthy release of the thought into existence (the act of Creation) - is the energy of this essence.

Spiritual Attributes:

This essence supports healthy co-creation of our higher Spiritual purpose on this planet at this time. Particularly good for those who are actively embarking on manifesting their Divine potential, realising their Etheric Blueprint and ascending towards Christ Consciousness. It is helpful for personal, community, Earthly & Universal advancement & progression - and the release of creative energy for our healthy, positive Evolution and Transformation.

Celestite is closely related to the Celestial Kingdom, as its name suggests, it facilitates Angelic commune. Opening our ears to the voices of Angels and our understanding to the inspiration of Angelic forces.

Physical Attributes:

Closely linked to the release of our Etheric Blueprint.

This essence is associated with our 12 strand DNA - the 12 tone scale & colour chart. The 12 tribes of Israel are the healthy expression of Gods people created upon the Earth - they are the Rainbow people.

Connecting us with the Creators original blueprint for our existence - this essence can assist energetic reprogramming of unhealthy cells.

Connected with every physical system associated with communication and expression - it is balancing for the nose, eyes, ears, head, lungs and brain. Releasing congestion of sinuses, headaches, earaches, conjunctivitis, or the lungs.

Psychological Attributes:

Allowing a healthy 'release' of both old & new thoughts and ideas.

Manifesting a Healthy expression of our desires and dreams.

Balanced expression of personal needs. Self-empowerment through creative expression. Developing Trust and Faith in own Self & Divinity.

Letting go & letting be. Letting go of old, outdated ideas to allow space for the new. Spring cleaning our thoughts, mind, spirit & habits to allow new & appropriate expressions of our Divinity and Creative power.

Returning us to a childlike, unquestioning, faithful release of Expressive/Creative power. Works excellently with the Optical Calcite & Kunzite blend to free oneself from old harmful patterns, assists those unable to 'let go' of the past and supports a care-free, uplifting exploration of new possibilities - creating a new future for oneself by accessing a closer link to our Divine plan & blueprint. (See 'New future' blend)

This essence is about communication - of Divine Inspiration manifested creatively upon the Earthly plane.

It is the Creative gateway between Worlds - an expression of our potent Creativity - our ability to 'Create' in all its forms:

Artistic Creativity, Creative Thinking, Language, Singing, Poetry, Writing.

Any expression of Divinity, Soul purpose or the Etheric Blueprint of our higher selves from the Spiritual realms is linked to this essence.

It facilitates a healthy & Divinely inspired release of these energies - allowing transformation & transmutation from one form to another.



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