Aqua Aura






(5th) Throat, (6th) Third Eye, (7th) Crown, (8th) Soul Star









This Essence helps to bring out our inner form, to to find the essence of our inner inspirations and dreams and birth them into the World.

It helps us to discover who we really are through creativity and personal expression.

Especially helpful for those who have shut down communication with their inner world of dreams and ideas, after a prolonged period of self-destruction or loss of personal power for whatever reason.


Spiritual Attributions

This essence helps us to realise that we are Co-creators of our own World, our own life. We all are gifted with the power, as human beings, to Create our own Future and Destiny, just as we are created in the image of the Divine Creator, we can create our own experiences of our existence, even when our existence may appear externally to be less than perfect.

The world of dreams, imagination, play and creative expression is powerful and it is ours alone!

Aqua Aura is the essence that helps us to find our own voice - it is where our own inner truth is expressed through our personal voice. Aqua Aura frees us from the confines of ideas alone, and births our ideas and our personal experiences - it gives voice to our desires and our opinions.

This essence is also connected to the realm of fairie and to water.

It vibrates on a level that opens us to Angelic support and wisdom; as the Golden Ray is also present in this Essence, it brings us closer to God's Love and Divine Empowerment that has been gifted to us through our human heritage.

We are uniquely gifted on this planet to be 'creators', and what we dream, what we speak and  ultimately manifest is within the scope of our own free will (another wonderful gift we have been given).

We can create live in inspiration and constantly invent our existence in powerful and positive ways, or we can toss our gift asside, beliving we are powerless to 'create' or to 'change' anything.

If we are frustrated and unhappy, it may be time to look at how we manifest our 'creativity' in our relatin to the world.

Throat and thyroid disorders are evidence of energetic imabalances in these areas.


Physical Attributions

Thyroid disorders and throat infections

Any stagnant or congested state of the Head, nose, eyes, ears or throat are assisted with this essence. 

Laryngitis, tonsillitis, catarrh, Sinus problems, headaches or any eye or ear dissorder 

Releases tension and calms nerves.

Beneficial to suffers of Alzheimers, as it can improve thought and memory processes.

Calcium absorption.


Psychological Attributes

Promotes healthy daydreaming, intuitive and inventive solution finding, but more playful than thinking strategically. 

Helps with connecting from the inner world of creativity to the outer world of form and reality.

A helpful bridge between worlds. It can be helpful for those who have a 'mental disconnect' with the outer world.

Activates Creative expression, imaginery worlds and can support role play.

Especially helpful for Alzheimer sufferers. 








Wonderful to enable personal expression, whether creative or on a personal 'life' level. 



“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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