Harnesses all of the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal of 2014.


In addition the essence combines this with the powerful Anchi Crystal, which assists our opening to receive the Primordial energy of Source into matter. A crystal that allows life energy to be organised into physicality, the Anchi is one of the 'grand-daddy's' of the Crystals, being at least 1.6 billion years old. 

Harmonising all of the chakras, it balances the electromagnetic energy field and strengthens the whole energetic system. 

Created with sound - the 8:8 Anchi also contains a light language message downloaded on the day and the vibration of the Earth tone (C#) - drawing down the creative energy of source to resonate in line with the New Earth Energies that are being manifested. 

In addition the Anchi crystal itself reinstates tonal energies within our own vocal range, that have been absent, again bringing a rebalancing to our system through the transmission of our own creation of sound.

This is a powerful essence that I was called by my Guide to create before I was even aware that the 8th of August was a significant Astrological date of importance (i.e. the Lion's gate).

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