An Introduction to Colour Mirrors

A playful encounter with the colour mirrors bottles and aura sprays

Have you begun to notice how important colour is in your life?

From the everyday experience of choosing what colours to cloth yourself in, to noticing how the quality of light changes your mood and energy through the day?

Colour is profoundly connected to our emotional and biological health and well being.

Over this introductory weekend, we will explore the nature of colour and its impact upon us through the beautiful Colour Mirrors Bottles.

The weekend will include lots of practical hands on experiences, and will be a fun and safe space for you to explore your personal relationship to colour.

There is no prerequisite for attending this weekend course. It is open to everyone to attend, and there is no requirement for you to buy any Colour Mirrors Bottles, as I will supply them for our use on the weekend.

However, if you would like to explore the bottles further after the course, they are available to order during the weekend, or alternatively you may purchase them at a discounted rate prior to the course. All bottles collected from the course will also have the added benefit of being excluded from post and packaging costs for you.


If you would like to have some ideas around which bottles to pre-order before you come to this weekend, I have created a couple of small sets for you to consider as starter sets:

Beginner Sets

The 7 Chakra Set

Consists of the traditional 7 chakra bottles

The Higher Chakra Set

Consists of the 8 'higher chakra' bottles, which are actively working with us through our evolution at this time.

The Full 15 Chakra Set

Includes all of the 7 chakra bottles and the higher chakra bottles

The Planetary Set

Includes all of the 9 planetary bottles

Beginner Sets available to Purchase
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