Etheric (8-14), Crown (7), Third Eye (6), Throat (5)

Cleanser, Detoxifier, Tranquilizer, Protector, Transmutes Negative to Positive Energy,

Balancer, Meditational Aid,

High Spiritual Vibration & Wisdom.


Personal Direction & Clarity

If you are unsure which essence you may need & require a period of clarity & attunement in order to move forward appropriately, this is the essence to take.

Spiritual Attributes:

Guards against Psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Enhances higher states of consciousness & meditation & spiritual awareness. Promotes love of the Divine, selflessness & development of Spiritual Wisdom. Helps intuition & psychic gifts. It may also facilitate out of body experiences.

Physical Attributes:

Balances overindulgence & physical passions. Helps overcome addictions. Boosts production of hormones, endocrine & metabolic systems. Strengthens the cleansing & elimination organs & the immune system. Relieves stresses, strains & pain. Helps Hearing disorders, skin, cellular & digestive disorders. Heals diseases of the lungs & respiratory tract. Regulates intestinal bacteria & removes parasites. Helps absorption of water. Both calms & stimulates the mind, as required.

Using 1 drop of this essence as an excellent cleanser, in 5ml of face or body cream, or in a facial toner. 

Psychological Attributes:

Allows for a clearing of the mind.

Brings Spiritual attunement & Wisdom into conscious experience.

Balancing thought & emotion; centering, calming & decluttering the mind & emotions.

This essence connects the Physical, Mental & Emotional bodies, linking them to the Spiritual. 


“As soon as I feel overwhelmed and in need of that sustaining & calming energy, I reach for my Crystal Moon Rose Quartz essence & feel the wonderful Peace it brings start almost immediately. ”

- Abigail H


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