One of My personal favorites - this Crystal Moon Essences is pure bliss. It rings with a highest and purest LOVE - that transcends emotional, or personal love and rises higher into the realms of PURE LOVE ENErgY - the Love within which all of Creation is allowed to emerge!


It has a high Angelic energy too - and feels like a promise of the perfected New Earth Energy that we are all party to create at this time.


Yes - it may emerge as an energy upon the Earth, but before that may occur - it must rise within each of us individually, from where it will pour forth onto the Earth and Enlighten all the life forms that exist.


Now that feels like a promise of something so exceptonal as to be almost impossible. But the possibility of all we create resides within our heart - our passion - our deepest love.


From this well-spring all things are born.


And this energy is so beautiful that when we do find that place within our heart that this vibration sits, we will not be able to contain it from moving through us and out of us - spilling into the World around us in all we do and where we may be.

cristal A1.jpg